Porcupine’s Quill Announces New Ownership: Acquired by Kenneth Whyte’s Sutherland House

The Porcupine's Quill

The Porcupine’s Quill is pleased to confirm some recent news that you may have already heard reported elsewhere.

The company has been sold to author and editor Kenneth Whyte who intends to manage the brand in future as a standalone imprint within a larger publishing structure that will focus on biography and memoir, to be called The Sutherland House.


Kenneth Whyte’s name will be familiar to many of you from the time of his tenure as editor of Maclean’s, and before that, of the National Post. His latest biography, Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times, was a finalist for the 2017 American National Book Critics Circle awards.

Ken Whyte has purchased the book publishing assets of the Porcupine’s Quill, including the backlist. Tim and Elke Inkster will retain ownership of the Devil’s Artisan, which will continue to be edited by Don McLeod and published by the Inksters, as well as the production machinery in the shop on Main Street in Erin Village. Tim and Elke will remain in the flat above the shop at 68 Main Street, Erin Village, where they have lived since 1975; the Heidelberg KORD will stay in the basement; and the nesting pair of Canada geese will continue to procreate in the copse of birches by the millpond.

In the near-to-mid term, very little will change at the Porcupine’s Quill. Authors’ contracts and backlists will be honoured and maintained, and royalty payments will continue to be paid in a timely way.

Tim and Elke expect to be very involved with the production of the PQL Fall 2018 list of five new titles, which will be published as advertised. Stephanie Small and Chandra Wohleber will also continue to be as involved with the PQL brand as they have been for many years.

Ken Whyte’s offer to purchase was presented to the Inksters, somewhat unexpectedly, in January. Since that time we have all come to realize that Ken’s vision will provide a secure and positive way for the Porcupine’s Quill brand to continue well into the future.

We welcome the changes ahead and look forward to this new relationship with The Sutherland House, to which we offer our best wishes for every success.

[Click here to download a printable copy of this news release.]

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  2. Lloyd Mackey says:

    Hello Ken: Congrats on your acquisition. At 78, I am enjoying retirement with Edna in City Centre, Surrey and doing some interesting rethinking. Some of that relates to examining of the social architecture of the emerging city, as outlined by Cardus, with which I have been doing some work, in co-operation with Peter Stockland. All of which is to say that I might like to try writing my memoirs, of interest to a few people anyway. I wouldn’t mind chatting with you at your convenience.

  3. I heard the interview on Michael Enright’s Sunday magazine show today of P Q’s new owner Mr Ken Whyte during which he expressed his great wish to receive many submissions indeed in the non fiction/ biography category at his newly named publishing Sutherland House …..and I would like to be one of the first on board……..I await your instructions re your submission instructions.

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