Scene I:
How God Talks in His Sleep

NOTE: I’m leaving in the art/book descriptions (such as the following, in square brackets) in case they’re useful for envisioning the look of backdrops, props, etc. Also blocking.

[How God Talks in His Sleep is a foldout paper and book board sculpture. The support boards are hinged and covered in black synthetic book cloth. The title letters are lazer cut from 4 ply acid free mat board backed with Drytac adhesive. All parts for the paper sculpture were hand cut from Fabriano, Canson and Tiziano coloured papers and hand assembled.]

[Add setting/scene description]

How God Talks in His Sleep image

Let him who is without remain without
and him who is with
tithe me not ten
but twenty
to the dollar
and thus avoid
walking into open graves

How God Talks in His Sleep image


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