Scene VII:
Son of Scroll

[A few questions put to Son of Scroll.]

[Add setting]

Son of Scroll image

QUESTIONER: Have you seen any Indians afoot on this isle?

SON OF SCROLL: Afoot, no.

QUESTIONER: Any witches?


QUESTIONER: What happened?

SON OF SCROLL: They said they wouldn’t eat me if I sang to them.


SON OF SCROLL: No. They sang to me.

QUESTIONER: Are you lonely on this isle all by yourself?

SON OF SCROLL: I’m not all by myself. I tried to be. It didn’t work.

QUESTIONER: Who’s this Susie we’ve been told about?

SON OF SCROLL: The little red-headed crippled girl who polishes Pop’s periscope.

QUESTIONER: That’s a nice t-shirt. Who makes your clothes?

SON OF SCROLL: Children in Hong Kong.

[Pause. A thin rain begins to fall. It falls harder. The sky turns black.]

SON OF SCROLL: Excuse me. One would have to be an idiot to stay outside in this muck.

[He goes. The interrogator’s mouth, ears, and nose fill with rainwater. The interrogator drowns. Drumming and chanting is heard from natives in the bush. Witches sing.]

Son of Scroll image


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