Scene I:
Snoop, Protégé of Snap

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Two actors.

SNOOP: Snoop! Protégé of Snap!

SNAP: Yes! My landlubber boat in radiant sail!

SNOOP: Like those who see Mary weeping, in some rag picked up from a ditch!

SNAP: In radiant sail!

SNOOP: Do Snoop. Hang Snoop in a museum!

SNAP: The very grasses of the earth! The hindmost moon in salacious orbit!

SNOOP: Mary weeps!

SNAP: Love uncorked from a bottle! Setting sail!

SNOOP: Snoop!

SNAP: Protégé of Snap!

SNOOP: Give us yowling! (We hear yowling)

SNAP: Give us spunk! Song! (We hear song)

SNOOP: Give us the bottle!

ALL: Art is the heart, the heart's cradle! We are the sun! (To Crescendo)


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