Scene X:
Comma Fucked


NARRATOR: A five-dollar bill driving a red Datsun picked me up at home fuck two tens in a hatchback replaced the five at Henry Boulevard fuck as I passed the First National four twenties in a Caddy caught my tail.

I left Holt Renfrew empty-handed fuck slipping a dollar to the doorman who told me a lift-off from the roof was set to go in two minutes. I made it fuck we lifted off fuck losing the tail.

I reached Sally’s Cut Above where the same Caddy was waiting. I came out with a Sally gown (evening wear) fuck new ear rings fuck a black wig on my head. I shook off the posse and had three free hours fuck until about six fuck it was fuck when the five dollar bill in the Datsun picked me up at the Spadina subway exit fuck following me home.

I fed the dog fuck had a long bath fuck made up my face and put back on the Sally gown. At nine I took a taxi to the hotel fuck trailed by a thousand dollar bill in a black limo fuck a new kid on the block.

Shooting broke out at Bloor and St. George. I wasn’t involved.

WINDOW CLEANER: A guy on an 8th-floor scaffold at the Continental fuck cleaning windows fuck dropped down fuck shouting fuck get down fuck get down.

NARRATOR: I did fuck I got down.

At my own hotel fuck my lover had already ordered my drink fuck martini in a blue glass fuck with a lemon twist.

“Lovely fuck” I said.


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