Scene VII:
Critics Take on the Premier Showing of Tank's Documentary of the Closing Eye

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CRITIC 1: “The entire time! The tension! I was pure poured concrete for four hours and forty-six minutes.”

CRITIC 2: “Right on. It was so right on.”

CRITIC 1: “I didn’t dare blink. My attention didn’t wane even when you touched me.”

CRITIC 2: “That wasn’t me.”

CRITIC 1: “Not even to eat my popcorn. You mean it was the guy on my right? In the raincoat? His hand between my legs?”

CRITIC 2: “What a tribute to that movie. That guy could have climbed all over you and would you have known?”

CRITIC 1: “Kool. Oh way kool. Who was that guy?”

CRITIC 2: “In the raincoat? The director, I think.”

CRITIC 1: “Of Documentary of…?”

CRITIC 2: “Yee-oh! The big chief himself.”

CRITIC 1: “Oh God. Say it again. Tank stroked my thighs? Mr Slow Motion. The king? I swear to you this man has made a film the very equivalent of Proust.”

CRITIC 2: “Ah, Proust! Another masterpiece of the first walk was Proust.”

CRITIC 1: “Eighty-two hours and forty-six minutes of sheer unutterable utterance. Who can ever forget Proust propped up in his cork-lined bed, that semi-dark room, never the smallest noise save that of ink smacking the page, the single sustained camera position through eighty-two hours as the dear asthmatic neurasthenic composes the 16 vols of A la Recherche du temps perdu.”

CRITIC 2: “Time! When has time ever been better comprehended?”

CRITIC 1: “Yes! And the cup of tea, the bit of cake. The crumbs on his chest. Sheer genius. My heart stopped. It just went pitter-patter and stopped.”

CRITIC 2: “Wasn’t Proust a Tank?”

CRITIC 1: “Definitely. When he was married to that little red-headed girl in the green shoes.”

CRITIC 2: “Whose eye is it in Documentary? Do you think it was the Eye of God?”

CRITIC 1: “It was Mel Gibson’s eye, stupid.”

CRITIC 2: “Yeah, but like, whose eye was Mel’s eye playing?”

CRITIC 1: “There you got me.”

CRITIC 2: “Let’s go back tonight. The Documentary of the Closing Eye is utter riveting drama played out on a heretofore unrecognized human scale. When that eye finally clanged shut after four hours and forty-six minutes, it was as though eternity had closed its doors.”

CRITIC 1: “Closing Eye Two comes next year. I hear in that one he’s got something in his eye.”

CRITIC 2: “Mel? God? You mean like…?”

CRITIC 1: “Yeah. Grain of sand. Grit. Maybe a twitch.”

CRITIC 2: “Jesus. That’s so – so…”

CRITIC 1: “Biblical?”

CRITIC 2: “Yeah. Such a daring treatise on – on…”

CRITIC 1: “The failure of philosophy. The phenomenological meltdown. Our moral quagmire.”

CRITIC 2: “God, yes. Oh, the agony. I can’t wait.”


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