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The Porcupine’s Quill is an artisanal publisher that values the art and craft of the book, both in content and in form. Our mandate is to preserve the culture of the printed word by using our expertise in the art of 20th-century offset printing technology to create quality books that look and feel like 19th-century letterpress products. We specialize in Canadian art and design, book history, memoirs and selectively acquired collections of poetry and fiction from edgy new authors as well as pillars of the canon.

New! Upcoming Spring 2022 Releases

Rank Songbirds Rank Songbirds
Leon Rooke
ISBN 9780889844483
The Razor's Edge The Razor's Edge
Karl Jirgens
ISBN 9780889844506
Out of the Dark Out of the Dark
Wesley W. Bates
ISBN 9780889844445
Took You So Long Took You So Long
C. I. Matthews
ISBN 9780889844469

Upcoming Fall 2021 Releases

Midland Midland
Ross Breithaupt
ISBN 9780889848832
Let Go Let Go
Mark Huebner
ISBN 9780889844391
The Artist and the Assassin The Artist and the Assassin
Mark Frutkin
ISBN 9780889848801
Artful Flight Artful Flight
Susan Glickman
ISBN 9780889848795
Let Go The Essential John Glassco
selected by Carmine Starnino
ISBN 9780889844421

Spring 2021 Releases

Urban Disturbances Urban Disturbances
Bruce McDougall
ISBN 9780889844384
Breaking Right Breaking Right
D.A. Lockhart
ISBN 9780889844360
The Essential Elizabeth Brewster The Essential Elizabeth Brewster
selected by Ingrid Ruthig
ISBN 9780889848788

Fall 2020 Releases

Fair Fair
Ed Seaward
ISBN 9780889844315
Seeking Shade Seeking Shade
Frances Boyle
ISBN 9780889844353
The Essential Derk Wynand The Essential Derk Wynand
selected by John Barton
ISBN 9780889844407
Affect Affect
Charlene Elsby
ISBN 9780889844377
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
P. K. Page
ISBN 9780889844322

Spring 2020 Releases

Casting into Mystery Casting into Mystery
Robert Reid, engravings by Wesley W. Bates
ISBN 9780889844285
The Blue Moth of Morning The Blue Moth of Morning
P. C. Vandall
ISBN 9780889844339
Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era
George A. Walker
ISBN 9780889844346

Fall 2019 Releases

Rerouted Rerouted
Daniel Bryant
ISBN 9780889844216
Margin of Interest Margin of Interest
Shane Neilson
ISBN 9780889844209
Naming the Shadows Naming the Shadows
Sharon Berg
ISBN 9780889844292
The Essential Kay Smith The Essential Kay Smith
selected by Michael Oliver
ISBN 9780889844261
The Hunting of the Snark The Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll, engravings by George A. Walker
ISBN 9780889844308
The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt
Nick Tooke
ISBN 9780889844278


The Porcupine's Quill would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for our publishing program. The financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund (CBF) is also gratefully acknowledged.

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