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Alison Acheson


Learning to Live Indoors
ISBN 0-88984-201-9

Joan Alexander


Lines of Truth and Conversation
ISBN 0-88984-271-X

George Amabile


Dancing, With Mirrors
ISBN 978-0-88984-343-1

Margaret Avison


Always Now
ISBN 0-88984-262-0

Always Now, Volume Two
ISBN 0-88984-255-8

Always Now, Volume Three
ISBN 0-88984-261-2

Essential Margaret Avison, The
ISBN 978-0-88984-333-2

I Am Here and Not

ISBN 0-88984-315-5

A Kind of Perseverance
ISBN 978-0-88984-326-4

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“With their verve, their elan, and their passion for books, Tim and Elke Inkster have, over the years and against the tide, swallowed the bottom line and taken interesting, and savvy, risks on many excellent books, including those by some of Canada’s most adventurous and first-time writers. Congratulations on three decades of publishing.”
— Ellen Seligman, McClelland & Stewart