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I am told that April is national poetry month, but here at the Quill it’s starting to look like that epithet is better suited to June. We have been very busy lately printing and binding some exciting new poetry books for you, dear reader. Earlier in May the last copy of Words for Elephant Man had its cover smacked on and just last week the final copies of Wayworn Wooden Floors came off the line. While all this production was going on at the shop in Erin, I was at my computer in Toronto sending out information about our new books and trying to spark up some interest. All our efforts have paid off, and it looks like June is going to be a very hectic month with multiple launches, parties, and readings. I do hope you will find time to come out and join us, for what good is a party without all your dearest friends?


What’s happening this month?

Over in Hamilton. George Amabile participated in the season finale of the Lit Live Reading Series this weekend in Hamilton. Mr Amabile read from his two new books, Dancing, with Mirrors (Porcupine’s Quill) and Small Change (Libros Libertad). If you’re sad that you missed it, be sure to check out Dancing with Mirrors on our website here.

Out in Owen Sound. George A Walker will be presenting an illustrated talk followed by a book signing up at the Owen Sound and North Gray Union Public Library this month. Mr Walker’s talk will be part of a larger celebration Owen Sound is putting on to celebrate the life of Tom Thomson. Mr Walker’s most recent addition to his wordless novel series, The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson was published earlier this year to great success. At TCAF earlier in May, Mr Walker even completely sold out of his stock of the title! The talk in Owen Sound will be a delight to anyone who is able to attend. Don’t forget to check out the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, which is located adjacent to the public library.
George A Walker • The Mysterious Death of Tom ThomsonOwen Sound and North Gray Public Library, 824 1st Avenue West, Owen Sound • June 7, 7pm

In Montreal.
Mark Lavorato, writer of Wayworn Wooden Floors will be busy with two events in Montreal this month. Writer of novels such as Veracity and Believing Cedric, Wayworn Wooden Floors is Mr Lavorato’s first collection of poetry. Composed, fantastically enough, while he was on a 1000km trek, Mr Lavorato’s collection focuses on everyday circumstances, made extraordinary by a renewed perspective. Be sure to catch Mr Lavorato reading in Montreal at Argo Bookshop and Paragraphe Bookstore. I have been told there will be wine….
Mark Lavorato • Wayworn Wooden Floors Argo Bookshop, 1915 Ste. Catherine West, Montreal • June 14, 7pm
Mark Lavorato • Wayworn Wooden Floors Paragraphe Bookstore, 2220 McGill College Avenue, Montreal • June 19, 6pm

In Toronto.
Mr Lavorato will barely have finished receiving applause from his reading at Paragraphe before he will be on his way to Toronto for an event here. You will be able to find Mark and me at Nicholas Hoare Books down on Front Street later this month, selling copies of Wayworn and serving sparkling cider (or some other delicious beverage). Tim tells me of an exciting launch PQL hosted at Nicholas Hoare several years ago where beer was served in the unlikeliest of manners—but alas, liquor laws are not what they used to be in Ontario. The deficit will be made up for with our sparkling personality and wit.
Mark Lavorato • Wayworn Wooden Floors Nicholas Hoare Books, 45 Front Street East, Toronto • June 21, 6pm–8pm

Words for Elephant Man, the Porcupine's Quill

Putting covers on Words for Elephant Man.

From the intern’s corner
And what, you might wonder, has the intern been up to? When we last spoke, I was gearing up for a series of grant applications. I have been living in grant land the last couple of weeks. With one down and one more to go I feel I am on a roll. Though, a neck injury late in May took me out of commission for a couple of days, and I am rather falling behind. A few days of rest and a new ergonomic arrangement of my computer and keyboard seem to have done the trick though, and I’m now back on track. I now have a second monitor set up on my desk, and I am taking great delight in moving Firefox windows from one screen to the other. A word to wise for all the other virtual interns out there: don’t try to work hunched over your laptop for nine months straight.

After I finish the grant applications I’m looking into making some modifications to, so stay tuned for fun things ahead!

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