High-Water Mark giveaway

Last night, Nicole Dixon launched High-Water Mark in Halifax at The Company House. But don’t worry if you missed her—Nicole is coming on tour through Ontario early in November. If you play your cards right, you just might have a free copy of her book to take along with you to get signed!

High-Water Mark

High-Water Mark is Nicole Dixon's debut collection of fiction.

Earlier this week I posted an interview with Nicole Dixon. In it, Nicole is just as blunt as she is in her stories. She told me her thoughts on the short story in Canada and women’s roles in Canadian Literature—no holding back. She said she “[writes] stories she wants to read,” explaining that she has “a hard time finding stories about contemporary, active women, especially written by Canadians.” Have you been having the same problem? Well look no further friends, because High-Water Mark is chock-full of active women. A debut collection of short fiction, High-Water Mark tells it like it is, and boy is it ever good. These ten stories are hard-hitting, each providing an unapologetically honest look into the life of a contemporary woman. But even as we are taken places we never thought we would go, Nicole finds a way to make us laugh. Tightly written and touched with humour, High-Water Mark is bound to pull you in.

But it seems impossible to talk about short stories in Canada without talking about Alice Munro, who pioneered the genre in Canada. It’s hard to believe that she’s still got it, but got it she has for she has a new book out just this month. When I spoke with Nicole, she told me that Alice Munro is her literary icon. What astounds Nicole about Munro is the simplicity, the familiarity, of her subject matter—women’s lives—and the power of the stories she is able to spin from it. Munro does not write with gimmicks; she does not succumb to cliché. Alice Munro writes beautiful stories about everyday lives.

Alice Munro may be Nicole Dixon’s literary idol (and maybe mine too…), but who is yours? Tell me who your literary idol is for a chance to win Nicole Dixon’s High-Water Mark. Comment on the blog or tweet me at @porcupinesquill. Don’t forget the hashtag #Idol.

Contest closes Friday, October 26, in the morning!

High-Water Mark


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5 Responses to High-Water Mark giveaway

  1. Stacey says:

    Salman Rushdie! I was assigned Midnight’s Children in University and was absolutely blown away. The prose is beautiful and the twists wonderful. Extremely imaginative, but totally immersive. Awesome!

  2. Lynn says:

    Vincent Lam!

  3. nancy says:

    Roald Dahl

  4. allison says:

    Zadie Smith. She’s young, intelligent, well-spoken, and hip.

  5. Melissa Henderson says:

    Currently, my literary idol is Carl Sandburg. The son of unlettered immigrants, an organizer of the democratic socialist party, Sandburg wrote plainly of complex issues in US society. Read “The Right to Grief” and ponder how difficult life was — and still is — for so many working folks.

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