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I hope you all had a spook-tastic Halloween this year, Quill friends! Hurricane Sandy did dampen the festivities considerably, but we still had trick-or-treaters at my door (albeit accompanied by some very soppy-looking parents), and we still managed to have a lovely (spooky) evening. I will confess, however, that towards the start of the evening, I fell for one of the most obvious Halloween tricks of all. I fell for the stuffed dummy on the porch trick. You know, when someone sits out on the porch wearing a mask, pretending to be a stuffed dummy? And then when you approach the door they jump out at you, causing you to recoil backwards in blinding fear, your heart pounding in your chest? Yes, I fell for that.

With Halloween only just behind us, we are plunged into November, and what a month it will be! It may even live up to the excitement of October, which was a very full month for us indeed. We launched two phenomenal new books, Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box and My Life on Earth and Elsewhere to great success. For an account of the launch of My Life on Earth and Elsewhere, read here. Nicole Dixon also launched her debut short story collection, High-Water Mark, in Nova Scotia. The shop was no less busy up in Erin. Binding High-Water Mark, typesetting the Spring 2013 catalogue, and getting Rosemary Kilbourn’s long-awaited Out of the Wood on the press—there’s been plenty to do. I even got up to the shop a few days to help out: data entry one day and binding catalogues the next.

But you’ll like to hear what’s coming up this month, I gather. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed….


What’s happening this month?

In Ontario. Nicole Dixon is going on tour across Ontario, promoting High-Water Mark, and she just might be coming to a city near you! With stops in Hamilton, Kington, Toronto, and Sarnia, we’re hitting several of the major cities. For more details, check out the tour posting here.
Nicole Dixon • High-Water Mark • various locations across Ontario • November 4–8

In Winnipeg. On Monday, November 5, George Amabile will be reading in the In Dialogue reading series. Organized by the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, this reading is sponsored in part by the Winnipeg Free Press. The reading will take place at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe; Amabile will be joined by Roo Borson.
George AmabileDancing, with Mirrors • Winnipeg Free Press Cafe, 237 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg • November 5, 7:30pm

In Vancouver. George Amabile will be accepting his F G Bressani Literary Prize for poetry for Dancing, with Mirrors on Wednesday, November 7, at the Trattoria Hall at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. The award was created to honour and preserve Italian culture in Canada. At the ceremony, Amabile will read two selection from his award-winning collection, so it is an evening not to be missed!
George AmabileDancing, with Mirrors • Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver • November 7, 7pm

In Toronto. The Porcupine’s Quill will be attending the Indie Literary Market on Saturday, November 17, at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. Put on by Meet the Presses, the Indie Literary Market celebrates all things literary and, in particular, all things indie. Here you’ll have the chance to pick up works you’d never be able to get anywhere else. We’ll be there, for one, and we’d love to see you too!
The Indie Literary Market • Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Street • November 17, noon–4:30pm

The Porcupine's Quill

Catalogues in the bindery at the Porcupine's Quill.

From the intern’s corner
This month has been a lot of fun for me, organizing events, coordinating publicity, and schmoozing with literary types. I enjoyed both launches this month, both that of Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box at the Maizal Quesadilla Cafe and of My Life on Earth and Elsewhere at Koerner Hall. I especially enjoyed the delicious guacamole at Maizal Quesdilla—though the complimentary wine at Murray Schafer’s launch was pretty nice too.

The rest of the month saw me back to business as usual, running digital sales campaigns and fiddling with the Spring 2013 catalogue. You’ll see that Spring 2013 has been launched now, on our website and on Facebook. Have a look at what’s coming up…. I think you’ll like what you see!

Kate Icely

Binding catalogues at the Porcupine's Quill.

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