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Welcome all to 2013. I hope you enjoyed your New Years parties immensely. New Years can be a bit of a stressful time of a year. You always need to get your plans in order well in advance, otherwise on the night of you find everywhere is booked up, all the cabs are taken, and the last-minute cover charge is through the roof. But quite often, when you do get your plans in order weeks in advance, you lose the spontaneity of the occasion. I do hope you all had a lovely, well-planned and yet spontaneous evening, without being gouged too badly for cash. (Bit of a tall order, eh?)

We’re glad for the changing season here at PQL because it means a new season of titles. If you’ve checked out our homepage already, you know what’s coming your way. We’ve got some fine books prepared for you. To read up on all the other fun things in store for 2013, check out our blog here.


What’s happening this month?
There are no January events to report at this time! But keep your eyes peeled for February, when Mark Lavorato will be reading at Lit Live!

You Are Here rolled off the PQL production line late in 2012.

From the intern’s corner.

Most of you will already know that December was my last month at the Porcupine’s Quill. I’ve just been finishing up these blogs for you guys to make the transition that much easier for our new Porcupette, Stephanie Small. Thank you to everyone who followed me throughout my time at the Quill. I have enjoyed getting to meet all of PQL’s hardcore fans through this blog, our Facebook and twitters feeds, and—when possible—at events. PQL would be nothing without all of you and my internship here would have been very lonely!


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