News for March

March is one of those insidious months that creeps up behind you before surprising you with a swift and stealthy pounce.

It knocks you on your butt, is what I’m saying.

Pouncing Cat

Yes, that would be March, getting ready to pounce.

With a new season on its way, this month is all about bringing in the new, with Spring 2013 titles making their way to the fore, and Fall 2013 titles beginning to queue up for some attention of their own. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming releases on our home page, and check back for the scoop on our new books coming out this fall.

What’s Happening This Month


March marks the release of PQL’s first Spring 2013 title—Thomas Gerry’s The Emblems of James Reaney: Magnetically Drawn. It’s a fascinating exploration of some of the emblems created by Canadian poet, playwright and painter James Reaney, that draws on alchemy, biblical mythology and Haitian voodoo. This book will ensure you won’t look at Reaney’s work the same way again!

The Emblems of James Reaney will go on sale at the end of March, launching later in the spring, alongside Jack Chambers’ Red and Green.

In Hamilton.

Mark Lavorato will be reading at the Lit Live Reading series from his collection of poetry, Wayworn Wooden Floors.

When: Sunday, March 3, 2013
Where: Sky Dragon Centre, 27 King William Street, Hamilton
Readings begin: 7:30 p.m.

For more information, visit the Lit Live website.

In the World.

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner, so when March 17 rolls around, put on your Irish, dance a lively jig and have some fun.


But easy on the green beer, yeah?

From the Intern’s Corner

This intern has been a busy little beaver lately, known to, on occasion, refer to sleep as ‘that coffee substitute.’ But it has been a fruitful month, with much learning accomplished—and a fair amount of work, too.

February has been memorable for two things.

  • First, the mammoth undertaking that is the “WorldCat Campaign.” Developed and perfected by previous interns, I am clearly but a humble novice when it comes to these sales campaigns, especially judging by just how long it can take to mine websites for not just any contact information, but the right contact information.
  • Second, my battle with PExOD. The acronym might seem scary and complex, but the tool we use to upload bibliographic data to the website is actually not. In theory. I’m still a little battle-scarred by my most recent round with the beast; however, this solitary St. George is determined to slay it once and for all. But, you know, next time.

The Dragon Formerly Known as PExOD.

Until then, happy reading.


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