Frank Newfeld: The Book [in a Box] Part III — Novel Possibilities

by Frank Newfeld

The e-Book is capable of offering many novel possibilities. It can provide gifts well beyond what our book has offered to date. Including objects that can move, and even encouraging personal contribution on the part of a young owner, while still respecting the works of both poet and illustrator. Hopefully never offering some simplistic dodges, such as the perambulation of a specially invented creature. Nor the creation of a few gratuitous black-and-white doodles for the skilled or not so skilled reader to obediently colour. Ignoring the fact that this would simply turn the reader into just a paint-washer.

Self Portrait of Frank Newfeld

The added [complex] possibilities will require far-seeing pioneers:

1. Poet / Author
the poet / author to conjure up the text, which allows and encourages colleagues in fellow crafts freedom of expertise and expression.

2. Illustrator / Visual Contributor
The illustrator / visual philosopher to create a fitting visual adjunct or extension to the poet’s creation in his, the illustrator’s fitting genre.

3. Publisher / Editor
The bona fide publisher / editor to ensure that any creative contribution, verbal or visual, is in harmonious relationship, and neither one contradicts the intended concept of the total package. Finally, it must be the publisher’s decision as to what is of appropriate significance in the final content of the children’s e-book about to be published.

Dancing Man

Most young readers are capable of appreciating even a challenging poem or picture. Merely looking at their own creations, written or drawn, will show their command — even when abstract — of both the verbal or visual comment.

It is a [logical] fact that the e-book already allows young proprietors the means to augment the book’s status quo with their own verses or visuals. The e-book has, by now, become ‘Their Book’. No longer just the poet’s, nor the illustrator’s, nor even the editor’s or publisher’s! When the vehicle we call the e-book encourages young readers’ participation, instead of merely being a passenger in an insular taxi, then the BOOK [IN A BOX] will truly have become the BONUS [IN A BOX].


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