Shop Indie: PQL Reads for Everyone on Your Holiday List

Looking for unique and beautiful gifts this holiday season? Look no further! Our books are just as beautiful inside as they are on the outside, and they make great gifts for everyone on your list.

The Steamy Reader: High-Water Mark, Nicole Dixon

These ten sexy short stories, nominated for an Atlantic Book Award, are brimming with steaminess and a touch of humour. But far from just another bodice ripper, the stories in High-Water Mark focus on unique but relatable women who face real-world problems in ways that are both challenging and beautiful.

The Mystery Fan: The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson, George A. Walker

Tom Thomson was one of Canada’s most iconic artists, and the mystery that shrouded his death in the early 20th century has made him something of a legend. George A. Walker’s interpretation of the events leading up to Thomson’s tragic death is unique and nuanced . . . and told entirely in pictures. Art, history, and mystery collide in this beautiful edition.

The Memoir Junkie: Love, and all that jazz, Laurie Lewis

Laurie Lewis’ Love, and all that jazz is not only a record of a captivating life, but also a beautifully written piece of literature. No one can capture the heartache and hope of life quite like Lewis can. From a young wife in New York during the Jazz Age, to a single mother and career woman in Toronto, this is a book about independence, confidence, love . . . and all that jazz.

The Poetry Aficionado: Slack Action, Jeffery Donaldson

In Slack Action, Jeffrey Donaldson gives us poems about the journey, middle, the meat-and-potatoes of life. This is the kind of poetry that reminds you to appreciate middle life and all those moments when we can just “coast free”. A great read for a rainy day.

The Literature Buff: The Pigheaded Soul, by Jason Guriel

A must-have book of criticism for the literature lover in your life. Jason Guriel gets down to business debating the merits and flaws of some of contemporary poetry’s biggest names, and does so with a wit and panache that cannot be duplicated.

The Precocious Little One: Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box, JonArno Lawson

This delightful book of poems is the perfect gift for parents with industrious little readers—or for big readers who are young at heart. The book features JonArno Lawson’s clever rhymes play with sound, language and traditional tales, as well as Alec Dempster’s beautiful and whimsical paper cuts.

Hope you’ve found these picks helpful in finding something for that special someone on your list . . . even if that special someone is you!

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