5 Ways You Know You’re a Typophile

We here at PQL appreciate books. And design. Also book design. And we absolutely love a good example of well executed typographic style.

Typography is the sort of the hot-button issue that has this magical, polarizing force that can make even the mildest-mannered bookworm foam at the mouth in passionate denunciation of her most hated font.

Do you have an inkling that you might be a type nerd as well? Take a look at this list to see if you fit in the category.


#5You sort of think that typographic posters are like your version of naughty magazines.


#4You wish that you had an “I shot the serif” t-shirt. You would wear it in public as often as possible.


#3You can tell the difference between fonts like Avenir, Futura and Gotham without breaking a sweat.


#2You are adamant that there is no reason in the world good reason to use Comic Sans. None. Whatsoever.


#1You are fully convinced everyone has an opinion about the relative merits of Arial and Helvetica.

Answer “yes” to at least two of these questions? Your results are in. You just may be a typeophile. Take two hits of Garamond and call me in the morning.

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