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“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”
– Edwin Way Teale

Don't get me wrong, I love spring. But do those darn birds have to wake me up at six a.m. with their infernal chirping?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love spring. But do those darn birds have to wake me up at six a.m. with their infernal chirping?!

As April comes to a close, we’re sad to see it go. National Poetry Month was a blast—so many great events and articles and new releases. We watched #30DaysOfPoetry go flying by on the website and on Pinterest, not to mention all of the fun features on Facebook and Twitter. And let’s not forget the very fitting release of a new addition to The Essential Poets Series: The Essential Earle Birney. (If you haven’t had a look at The Essential Earle Birney yet, do! When we say his poetry is essential, we really mean it.)

But enough with the past; let’s focus on what’s coming up during May, the Month of Possibilities!

What’s happening this month


The presses have been very, very busy. This month, be sure to look for Vittoria Colonna—a collection of poetry and photography that blends together the world of Renaissance Italy, 1980s Spain, and contemporary Canada. Quite the tall order! Governor General’s award winner Jan Zwicky contributes modern-day versions of the classical poems while photographer and noted mathematician Robert Moody provides a spiritual connection with photographs of the Passion Facade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Also available this month is The Seasons, Bruce Meyer’s collection of ‘little moments’ in sonnet form, loving whispers of beauty and promise between a lover and his beloved. This book was ten years in the making, and boy is it worth the wait.

Vittoria ColonnaThe Seasons

In Grimsby.

We hope you had a blast at the Grimsby Wayzgoose this year, but if you’re in the neighbourhood still, don’t forget to check out The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson exhibit at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. Last day is May 18th!

In Toronto.

If you’re a fan of Niki Koulouris, don’t miss two appearances this month on the Danforth. Catch her on Tuesday, May 6 at the Art Bar Poetry Series, held at The Black Swan. Or, look for her on Wednesday, May 7 at Hirut Restaurant where she will be taking part in The Best Originals, where singer-songwriters and spoken-word poets show their stuff.

The “Big Event” in May will of course be the Toronto Comic Arts Festival taking place at the Toronto Reference Library May 9 – 11. You can meet PQL artist George A. Walker and maybe even get a peek at some of our other wordless novelists.

Finally, if you love indie arts markets, we’ve got just the event for you. Indie booksellers, small presses, book artists and more will take part in a Small Press and Literary Festival on Sunday, May 25 at the Gladstone Hotel. Come say hello to yours truly—I’d love to see your faces!

Print shop

 In the USA.

To all of our American friends, it might seem like you can never seem to make it to our events in the Great White North. Well, good news—George A. Walker’s Book of Hours is being featured at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City. The showing is part of an exhibition entitled Medium as Muse: Woodcuts and the Modern Block and will feature a number of visionary woodcut artists. Last day is Tuesday, May 11 so get there early in the month if you can.

In the World.

Party hardy for Cinco de Mayo. We recommend Margaritas, tacos and Loteria Jarocha. You’re welcome.

Readers, hug your mothers! It’s Mother’s Day on May 11th. Tell her you love her with the gift of reading. We can recommend a few titles … like Love, and all that jazz. Or Sailor Girl. Or some Essential Poetry….

Victoria Day falls on May 19th this year, which, in my opinion, makes it official BBQ day.

And finally, because we should all celebrate it…. May 25 is Towel Day, in tribute to the brilliant Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

From the Intern’s Corner

There has been some plotting going on at PQL. Some scheming. Quite a bit of strategizing, too. What’s it all about? Two words: Fabulous Fictions. We fell in love with the livre d’artiste put together by Leon Rooke and Tony Calzetta, and now we’ve got all kinds of ideas about how to take the original artwork and make it available to all of you, and maybe even to bring it to life in a theatrical production.

I know. Mind blowing.

Fabulous Fictions Interactive Paper Sculpture

The Fabulous Fictions interactive paper sculpture. The colours. Look at the colours!

If you want to see what it looks like when the artistic process is flipped on its head … well. Check out how a Governor General’s Award-winning author creates poetry out of artist Tony Calzetta’s fantastic sketches, on our Pinterest page. (Don’t forget to follow our board as we’ll be documenting our progress in photos.)

In other news, it’s official! Sales conference happened in April, so we’re officially thinking about our plans to bring your our awesome fall lineup. Stay tuned for news on events, releases and more.


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