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June is not the month for the homebody. In Southwestern Ontario at least, it’s a month straight out of a Disney movie, full of birds singing, sun shining, grass growing and flowers blossoming. Even the pale skinned and sun averse like myself, whose epidermal layers lack the capacity to protect themselves with a tan worth the mentioning, venture forth—ridiculously hatted and undoubtedly sunscreened. It’s a time to sample the various outdoor festivals and events that crop up during the summer months, or just to bask in the fresh air before the humidity kicks in and it’s awful out there again.


Would I wear a hat like this? You bet your boots I would, if I could get my hands on it. I burn so readily I’m fairly certain that people will start believing that I’m a vampire. (Only no one under the age of 15. They all believe vampires sparkle.)

It’s a time for summer reading to kick in—and not just chick lit, either. It’s also a time for sitting at the beach with a saucy collection of short stories (*ahem* High-Water Mark) or lounging on the patio with a latte and a slice of history (*cough* Davy the Punk *cough*) or for relaxing inside with some tea and introspection (*hint* courtesy of Vittoria Colonna). So pull up a chair poolside and indulge in a little reading.

What’s happening this month.


It seems like it wasn’t long ago that the first of our Spring/Summer 2014 titles rolled off the line with the launch of Davy the Punk. Can you believe that our last title of the season is being printed as we speak? Copies of Bruce Meyer’s intimate collection of sonnets, The Seasons, will finally be available to all our wonderful readers. (If you want to know exactly when, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know.)

In Vancouver.

The one-man musical based off of Davy the Punk is travelling to the Havana Theatre in Vancouver for the better part of a week. Seriously—catch the show if you can. It’s hilarious and fascinating at the same time.

In Stratford.

Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Fans of James Reaney’s lovely production, Alice Through the Looking-Glass, will be glad to hear that it is being staged at the Avon theatre in Stratford, Ontario this summer. Shows will run until October, so there’s no excuse to miss it. Pop by the gift shop after to buy a copy of the play.

In Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Literary Arts Festival is going strong this June, with events in the Niagara area. Bruce Meyer will be reading from The Seasons and Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library on June 1, and The sea with no one in it author Niki Koulouris will appear at William’s Fresh Cafe in Niagara Falls on June 13.

In Toronto.

Catch artist Steven McCabe for the launch of his fascinating wordless novel, Never More Together, on Thursday, June 12 at Tango Palace Coffee Company. Be sure to stop in and say hello—and get a signed copy, of course.

Davy the Punk

If you can’t make the show in Vancouver, Torontonians will be glad to note that the Davy the Punk travelling show will be staged in the city at Innis College June 10 – 15. Highly recommended!

If poetry’s more your thing, visit Niki Koulouris at the Blue Coffee Reading series on June 23rd. Rudyard Rearon and JC Bouchard will also be featured.

For more information on any of these events, check out our events page.

In the world.

Father’s Day is coming up June 15. Need some gift ideas for Dad? We recommend Davy the Punk, Changing Channels, and Slack Action.

Contain yourselves! National Splurge Day is June 18. Don’t spend it all on books!

Need another excuse to celebrate? The summer solstice is June 21. There are so many fascinating Midsummer traditions—pick a few and have some fun!


Yes. Want. If National Splurge Day is a thing, I reserve the right to spend it all in my favourite book store.

From the intern’s corner.

The best thing about the Month of May was hands down the Indie Arts Market in Toronto. I had so much fun chatting with you all about books and printing and publishing, and it’s invigorating to know that there are still enthusiastic young writers and book artists out there.

Indie Arts Market

A view from behind our little table at the Indie Arts Market. Great venue, eh?

One of the slightly less exciting things has been going through all of our contacts and confirming consent to communicate with everyone. As you might already know, a new Canadian Anti-Spam Law is coming into force on Canada Day this year, and we definitely don’t want to run afoul of that. If you see a message from us in your inbox, do please respond, or subscribe to our mailing list. Don’t miss out on our helpful updates and recommendations!

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