Books for Dad: 8 Recommended Reads for Your #1 Guy

Looking for a last-minute gift idea for dad? Or just hoping to treat yourself for being the awesome father-figure you are? We suggest kicking back in the shade with a beer and a book. Here are some quick-and-dirty recommendations to fit any dad’s personality.

Books for Dad

The History Buff

Davy the Punk—Questionable characters, illicit gambling and mob connections, all packed into a juicy tale about the seedy underbelly of 1930s and 40s Toronto. What’s not to love?

The Child at Heart

Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box—a playful, award-winning collection of rhymes perfect for reading with the little ones.

The Hopeless Romantic

The Seasons—Hot off the press is this collection of sonnets that provide a glimpse into the lives of a lover and his beloved.

The Poet-Philosopher

Slack Action—Plenty to think about in this collection of “poems of the middle”. Great for the dad who will appreciate masterful skill of a veteran poet.

Father's Day Recommendations

The Adventurer

Beasts of New York—This “Watership Down for adults” follows a young squirrel’s urban quest through the treacherous streets of New York.

The Suburban Dad

Buying on Time—Funny, tragic and at times cringe-worthy tales of the immigrant experience in 1950s and 60s Canadian suburbia.

The Biographer

The Life and Times of Conrad Black—A whole new kind of biography told entirely in gorgeous wood engravings, this book allows readers to draw their own conclusions about the man whose life has played out among the grey shadows of the media industry.

The Raunchy Jokester

Casanova in Venice—Dads who always have a raunchy limerick at hand will love this witty, hilarious collection of poems from the point of view of the notorious playboy.


There you have it! P.S. Don’t forget to check out our eBook store if Dad loves his tablet.


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