Warm and Cozy Thanksgiving Reads

There’s nothing like a long holiday weekend to make you reach for a good book. Whether it’s helping you cope with the stress house guests, withstanding seemingly endless travel to and from out-of-town relatives’ house, or simply relaxing after imbibing enough ham or turkey to put you in a food coma. These reads will help you make the most of your long weekend, and remind you of the simple pleasures that make you grateful—even if it’s just grateful for such great authors!


1. Bitter Lake by Marika Deliyannides

If you think your family has drama, you ain’t got nothin’ on the Lemonopolous family. But though they might be plagued with guilt, anger, misunderstanding and resentment, they still prove that no matter how much you may have grown apart, you can count on family when times get tough.


2. The Seasons by Bruce Meyer

Of all the things you have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, we’re going to bet that love is near the top of it. Bruce Meyers’ book of beautiful sonnets reminds us of the warmth and comfort of love in all its seasons.


3. Out of the Wood by Rosemary Kilbourn

One of the greatest things about the autumn is watching the leaves turn colour. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy Rosemary Kilbourn’s book of beautifully detailed engravings. Also included are the artist’s musings about art, nature, and the intersection between the two.


4. A Day’s Grace by Robyn Sarah

Speaking of giving thanks, Robyn Sarah’s book of poetry, A Day’s Grace, certainly gets into the spirit of the occasion, offering an opportunity to appreciate the ordinary gifts so easily missed in our day to day lives.


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