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It’s dark guys. Like, not even 5:00 p.m. and already the gloom is starting to creep in. Gotta love the weather in November, am I right? But there’s hope people! In fact, never mind the darkness. We can still find a way to illuminate our hearts and minds. Because nothing lasts forever—even cold November rain—when you’ve got new books!



See what I did there? November Rain? Guns N’ Roses? Anyone? Is this thing on?


What’s happening this month?


After some very successful launches for The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook, Bitter Lake, and Every Minute Is a Suicide, next on deck is Ingrid Ruthig’s contribution to the Essential Poets Series: The Essential Anne Wilkinson. We’ll also be busy as we start to prepare the next issue of the fabulous printing magazine, The Devil’s Artisan.

In Toronto.

George A. Walker will be signing copies of his latest book of wood engravings, The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook, at the gorgeous Craft Ontario Shop in Yorkville on November 8. Pick up a book, chat with the incomparable artist, and pick up a few pieces of art while you’re at it.

The Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair is finally here. Check out the “Tip Top Toronto Poets” showcase on November 15, where Niki Koulouris will be reading from her book, The sea with no one in it. Stick around for the other awesome bookish events happening at the fair.

The St. Thomas Poetry Series will be putting on a special event in memory of poet George Johnston on November 19. William Blisset, Andrew Johnson, Richard Greene and more will read.


We know you miss us! Stop by the Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market at the Tranzac Club on November 22nd. Publisher Tim Inskter will be there with lots of great books. You’ll also see some of our friends from Canada’s best literary publishers—an event not to be missed.

Also of interest is the OCAD U Book Arts Fair on November 29. You’ll see artists and printmakers and bookbinders oh my!

In Vancouver.

Bob Bossin fans: the man himself will be participating in the Cherie Smith JCCGV Jewish Book Festival on November 24. Be sure to pick up your copy of Davy the Punk, and check out all the great events happening during the festival.

In Canada.

Don’t forget—The Muted Note: Songs Based on Poems by P.K. Page is travelling Canada with this unique blend of poetry, music and dance. Check out the touring information here.

In the world.

November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day. Fireworks and bonfires anyone?

November 11 is Remembrance Day. No quip here, just a friendly reminder.

November 28 is Black Friday, or as I like to call it, Get Up Super Early and Brave the Rabid Masses as Big Box Store Customers Beat the Snot Out of Each Other in Order to Get a Good Deal on a Small Appliances.

How dare you?! That Cuisinart is mine, I tell you, mine!

How dare you?! That Cuisinart is mine, I tell you, mine!

From the porcupette’s corner

That wooshing sound you hear is the Fall 2014 season flying by. It seems like everyone is selling something and my email inbox is proof of that! Whether it’s new business services, new awards, new webinars . . . new books, everyone’s got something to push this season.

In addition to combing through all of that, this porcupette has spent quite a bit of time on the road this month, travelling first to Toronto to attend George Walker’s book launch. The Craft Ontario shop was packed—many thanks to the organizers who made the launch a success, and also to the many friends, family and fans to attended. The next Toronto trip came a couple of weeks later, when I attended the IFOA quick pitch meetings, followed by a quick trip to the Literary Press Group to tell them about our wonderful Spring 2015 List. In fact, I gave so many pitches over those two days away that I felt more like a baseball player than a publishing professional. But it was all great fun, and as always, I’m looking forward to the next trip.

Until then, keep warm and keep reading!


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