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If there’s one thing that can be said of literature lovers, it’s that we’re easy to shop for. The bibliophiles on your list are sure to appreciate a beautiful, artisanal edition from the Porcupine’s Quill this year, so here are a few suggestions to appeal to your favourite reader.

If they like current affairs, politics, culture and criticism, they might like…

Sweet Lechery by Jeet Heer

Sweet Lechery is a book that makes you think. Jeet Heer is able to tease out connections between such disparate topics—even sex and decidedly unsexy economics. There’s a little something for lovers of any genre, from romance to science fiction to cultural theory, plus, there’s a particularly good section on comics and graphic novels as well.

They might also like:
The Pigheaded Soul by Jason Guriel
You Are Here by James Pollock


If they like biography, autobiography and memoir, they might like…

Davy the Punk by Bob Bossin

Sketchy characters, shading dealings and less-than-legal enterprises abound in this memoir of Bob Bossin’s father, Davy ‘the Punk’ Bossin. The particular focus on racetrack betting in 1930s and 40s Toronto, this is a great read for history fans, horse racing aficionados and anyone who likes to read amusing anecdotes of colourful characters. The friendly voice of the author is a big draw.

They might also like:
Brazilian Journal by P. K. Page
Changing Channels by Peter S. Grant


If they like fiction, literature and family drama, they might like…

Bitter Lake by Marika Deliyannides.

Bitter Lake is a tense coming-of-age story about a Calgary woman in her 30s whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when she finds out that she and her husband are having a baby. Not sure if she wants to be a mother and dealing with family drama in her rural hometown, she has to come to terms with her poor decisions and decide the course of the rest of her life.

They might also like:
Sailor Girl by Sheree-Lee Olson
High-Water Mark by Nicole Dixon


If they like art and graphic novels they might like:

The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook by George A. Walker

This is perhaps the most unique biography of Leonard Cohen on the market today. The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook tells the story of the author-musician’s life entirely through 80 wood engravings—and without a single word! This book makes a great coffee table book, and is a fantastic accompaniment to Cohen’s music.

They might also like:
The Life and Times of Conrad Black by George A. Walker
Never More Together by Steven McCabe


If they like poetry and romance, they might like:

The Seasons by Bruce Meyer

The Seasons is a wonderful way of telling that special someone that you care. It presents a wonderful collection of love poems that record the intimate moments that grow out of romantic love. Warning: the depth of emotion in these pages just might make them teary-eyed. Great for fans of Pablo Neruda’s 100 Sonnets.

If they like this, they might also like:
The April Poems by Leon Rooke
Slack Action by Jeffery Donaldson


BONUS: For the collector

The Essential Poets Series

This series of great Canadian poetry at an affordable price is great for any collector. The selected poets made great contributions to Canadian poetry, and their work has been thoughtfully chosen and preserved in these handsome volumes. With timeless design and artisanal quality, these books will be enjoyed for years to come.


We hope these ideas will help you with your holiday shopping–even if you’re just shopping for yourself!



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