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Happy New Year to Quill fans near and far! (Or Happy January 1st, if you follow any of the manifold traditions that celebrate later in the year.)

I know, I know. People say that January 1st always feels like a time to start something new. That whole “New Year, New You” craze is probably rampaging around your inbox and the interwebs as we speak, like an orangutan hopped up on remaindered fruitcake and the dregs Christmas good cheer.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to miiiiiind, mumble mumble, blah blah blah blah auld lang syyyne!

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to miiiiiind, mumble mumble, blah blah blah blah auld lang syyyne! … What? What? Like YOU know all the words.”

I call shenanigans.

If even thinking about resolution can be stressful as all get out, imagine having to reinvent yourself every January! This new year, I’m doing away with the pressure and the stress, embracing the present, and relaxing for a day. (Yes, predictably, with a book.)


What’s happening this month?


After a busy 2014, we’re not stopping the presses for anything! The long awaited Mexican Journal by P. K. Page will be on deck for printing this month. Look forward to a gorgeous new edition that peeks into the beloved poet’s very interesting mind.

Plus, the end of December saw the release of the latest issue of the Devil’s Artisan. This issue features a brilliant discussion of the work of James Reaney by PQL publisher Tim Inkster. Brimming with Tim’s signature dry humour, a generous serving of anecdotes and an unparalleled printing expertise, it is a must read. Be sure to subscribe, or buy single copies through our various retailers.

Read this. Seriously. It is fan-effing-tastic.

In Ottawa.

Who doesn’t love a day at the theatre? If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend James Reaney’s Alice Through the Looking-Glass, playing through January 3rd at the National Arts Centre. Can’t make the play but still want to experience the magic? No problem. Copies are available here.

In Vancouver.

The Modern Languages Association Convention will be taking place January 8th to 11th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Join language and literature lovers as they take in the various sessions, including one by Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box author JonArno Lawson.


From the porcupette’s corner.

December was a super fun month for me because I got to let loose my inner wannabe web designer! Because of that little foray into the world of HTML and CSS, you’ll see some little changes over at the PQL website. If you haven’t already, browse our special collections pages, including our list of literary criticism, our collection of biography and memoir, our top poetry picks (selected by Tim Inkster) and more. You might just find a couple of new must-haves for your to-read pile.

Up next, I start preparing for Spring 2015 titles in good earnest. My to-do list includes getting initial impressions of upcoming books from reviewers, likely some file preparation for the gorgeous illustrated books coming up, and perhaps an event or two thrown in the mix. Plus, I can hardly contain my excitement over what may be coming out of the Fabulous Fictions project (which you can read about here).

Whirlygig from “Mrs Smith”, part of the enormously clever and exciting Fabulous Fictions project.

From all of us at The Porcupine’s Quill, we hope you had a delightful holiday with friends and family, and we wish you the very best in 2015!



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