Books in Brief: Family Day Reads

Hen and Chicks

Whether you’re looking to celebrate the bonds of family or remind yourself that yours isn’t the only whacked up group of relatives in existence, check out this book list in celebration of Family Day.

1. Bitter Lake by Marika Deliyannides. A Jerry Springer type of family from the perspective of a troubled thirtysomething woman in rural Alberta.

2. Little Comrades by Laurie Lewis. A dysfunctional Communist family falls apart in decidedly anti-Communist Alberta.

3. Take the Big Picture by James Reaney. A zany group of young siblings experience hilarity and adventure (possibly as a result of poor parenting).

4. Buying on Time by Antanas Sileika. An immigrant family puts down roots and stays true to its values in 1950s Toronto.



Enjoy, and don’t forget to hug a cherished family member today!



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