Get out of my HEAD, Poetweet! Or, This is why technology will not soon take over the arts.

People have been complaining about technology replacing people for time out of mind. Since the Luddites in the 19th century protesting new textile-producing machines, to the distrust of Skynet-style computers à la Terminator, many have been preoccupied with the idea that newfangled gadgets will leave us all unemployed and destitute (and possibly running for our lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland).

Well, I’m here to tell you that poets, at least, need not fear.

I stumbled across an interesting site that purports to turn your Twitter feed into poetry, and let me tell you, the results are underwhelming. Or are they?

Let’s see what Poetweet made out or @porcupinesquill feed…

Greatly exaggerated
by Porcupine’s Quill

Those with writerly occupations.
Blog: Spotlight on the incomparable
On the power of political cartoons
Journalism unsustainable.

About George’s artistic process
Actually sounds like a blast!
A MOFO”. More West Meadow Press:
Over the village in the south east.

Disciplines can work together
Talk about international appeal!
And the role of the publisher.
Video: What makes words “real”?
Has faced at one time or another

So yes, maybe a little rough and not terribly exciting, but:

  • The title. As in “reports of my poetic prowess have been greatly exaggerated.” Hilariously on target. Score one to you, Poetweet.
  • Yes, we do encourage those with writerly occupations to blog. How did you know, Poetweet? (Suspicious.)
  • George Walker’s artistic process? OK. Yes. Wood engraving does sound rather fun, I’ll grant you.
  • That bit about disciplines working together … have you been reading some of our strategic planning, Poetweet? Be honest. Are you spying on us?
  • We DO talk about international appeal sometimes. Ditto the role of the publisher. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, POETWEET!

Well, at least the poem ended with an unintelligible whimper.

Or does it just want us to THINK that?


portraitGive Poetweet a try with your Twitter feed, and be sure to share your results in the comments. (Bonus points for hilarity!)




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