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Normally this is the part of the post where I vent about childhood indignities, rail against meteorological unfairness or blather about random current events that are of interest to me. But not today. Today, it’s all about the Big One.

I like to think I’ve been pretty circumspect of late, but I’ve been fan-girling pretty hard for the Fabulous Fictions project. I’ve mentioned it in snippets here and there, but so far, nothing too major. Well guess what, ladies and gents? That’s all about to change, because….

The Fabulous Fictions workshop performance is almost here!

I almost said that the performance is nigh, but, well, that sounds rather foreboding, right? Like a vaguely-zombie like guy creeping through the streets muttering “The end is nigh. The apocalypse is nigh.” No. Just no.

I almost said that the performance is nigh, but, well, that sounds rather foreboding, right? Like a vaguely zombie-like guy creeping through the streets muttering “The end is nigh. The apocalypse is nigh.” No. Just no.

For those of you who are completely lost, Fabulous Fictions is a multi-pronged plan to take over the creative world. Not literally. (Well, kinda.) It all started as a beautiful/funny/creative/all-around awesome art book by author Leon Rooke and artist Tony Calzetta. The project has grown to include a monograph called Fabulous Peculiarities (available now), a magazine article in the Devil’s Artisan issue #76 (also available), a theatrical “cabaret” performance (taking place Saturday, May 9th at the Pages UnBound Festival) and several other upcoming treats, such as a trade edition of Fabulous Fictions, a full-theatrical production, and an art exhibition, all planned for 2016.

So basically, it is the most creative thing I’ve ever been a part of.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out the Fabulous Fictions web site. You’ll learn just how this project came to be, follow our progress in pictures, and perhaps even get involved yourself.

What are you waiting for? Go on. Go!


What’s happening this month…


With so much of our Spring / Summer list under our proverbial belts, we’re turning our attention to preparing for the Pages UnBound Festival. We’ll be hopping off to Toronto for planning and rehearsals and, of course, the upcoming performance. We can’t wait!


In Victoria.

West coast fans of Niki Koulouris rejoice! Niki will be reading at Hillside Coffee and Tea tonight (May 1) as part of Planet Earth Poetry. Joining her is Keven Spenst. Stop by and say hi.

In Toronto.

So many events, so little time! George A. Walker will be at Book City in The Beach on May 2 for Canadian Authors for Indies Day, Shane Neilson will be reading from his new book On Shaving Off His Face on May 6 as part of the Pivot Reading Series and Bruce McDougall will visit Junction Reads on May 31.

For the more visual arts inclined, Marta Chudolinska will be featured as part of a solo exhibition at the MLC Gallery from May 6 to 13th, and everybody’s favourite comic arts festical—TCAF—will be at the Toronto Reference Library May 9 and 10. Marta Chudolinska and George A. Walker will both be on hand if you’re inclined to visit.

In Sidney, BC.

Fans of Davy the Punk can check out more performance dates including a reading at the Sidney / North Saanich Library on May 27.

In Windsor, ON.

My fellow Windsorites—come on out to the Nancy Johns Gallery on May 17 for the Pillette Village Reading Series. Shane Neilson will be reading from On Shaving Off His Face, otherwise known as the only book of poetry to ever make me cry.

In the World.

May 5 is, naturally, Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate in style. We suggest margaritas and Lotería Jarocha.

Follow up on May 6 with No Diet Day, AKA, pretty much every day ever.

And don’t forget to show Mom some love. May 10th is Mother’s Day, so call her up, take her to brunch etc. etc. or risk an account of her soul crushing disappointment that you forgot her on this most special of Sundays. On the flip side, for all you moms out there: take a day for yourself, ignore the children and bliss out with some peace and quiet—and a good book.

Love ya, Mom! :)

Love ya, Mom! 🙂


From the porcupette’s corner.

Want to know what’s new and happening. Well. Let me enlighten you.

  • Pre-sales conference came and went. Look out for our Fall 2015 list on the website soon.
  • The Grimsby Wayzgoose happened. And it was, as usual, awesome.
  • More updates and improvements on the Fabulous Fictions site. Meet the workshop cast and get a sneak peek at our props—and our progress!
  • More grant applications. Ho hum.
  • Some pretty awesome guest posts on the blog. Thanks to Gerard Brender à Brandis and Marianne Brandis for contributing.
  • And of course, keep up with all the awesome new releases. I was so happy to see copies of The Grand River and On Shaving.

Tony Calzetta, hanging out with super awesome inflatable props to be used during the Pages UnBound Cabaret.

portraitThanks for checking in everyone. Hope to see you at the Pages UnBound Fest, but if not, catch me in the social media-verse.



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