News for August

Steph here, writing to you from the Dark Ages.

Let me explain. I live in an urban pocket of southern Ontario that is the proud owner of a power grid with all of the reliability of rural Eastern Europe. So when I say that I am writing to you from the Dark Ages, what I mean is that the electricity has gone out and I am writing this with paper and pencil while a sudden summer storm wrecks havoc on my tomato plants.

Now normally I’m a pretty chill person. Sure I talk a big game (I’m told my aggravation is often amusing) but deep down, I know that sometimes you’ve just got to roll with the punches. And on a nice summer evening or weekend, let’s be honest—I wouldn’t be fussed about a little down time.

But mess with my power on a weekday and interrupt my Internet service between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST? The claws come OUT.

Come at me, bro.

Come at me, bro.

So, left to contemplate my karma after a week full of website issues, power blips and Internet outages, I’ve decided to look on the bright side of this enforced tech-lessness. The blistering heat has let up a bit. There’s enough light out to read. And—the ultimate luxury—I can always take a nap. Yes, a nap. Now there’s a bright idea…

What’s happening…


Ebooks! Get yer ebooks! The Essential Daryl Hine and Loterìa Huasteca are now available on the PQL e-store. They’re very reasonably priced, if we do say so ourselves. Get your copy today.

In Toronto.

Fans of Alec Dempster’s books and music take note: Alec and his band Café Con Pan will be holding an intimate dinner and acoustic concert at Maizal Restaurant to raise funds for an upcoming Day of the Dead celebration. Proceeds will help bring a son huasteco trio called Tlacuatzin to Canada. Tickets are limited, so get yours ASAP! Click here for more info.

In Wells, BC.

The Davy the Punk tour will be at the ArtsWells Festival on Sunday, August 2 for a presentation of The Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk. Find links to event and ticket information here.


The Poets House Showcase is stull going strong until August 8. If you’re in the New York area, I highly recommend taking a look at the exhibit, which features a huge collection of books from over 650 presses.

In the world.

August 5 is Work Like a Dog Day. But if you’re like us busy little bees at PQL, Work Like a Dog Day is everyday, so…pretty ho hum if you ask me.


“We were working! Did you see us working? Because we were. Right guys? Working! Working, right? We’re like the workingest dogs ever, is what we are.”

August 14 is National Creamsicle Day. I couldn’t resist mentioning this as I had the oddest, most out-of-the-blue craving for a Creamsicle the other day. Are they passing our free ones somewhere? Because that’s a holiday I can get behind.

August 26 is Kiss and Make Up Day. Why does this sound like sketchy people would take advantage of this holiday? Not that I’m a pessimist, but I can totally see someone walk up to a stranger, punch them in the face, and plant a big wet one on ’em.

From the porcupette’s corner

July was a month of troubleshooting and number crunching. I’ve been elbow deep in analytics of various stripes, finding out just how we’re doing with our various digital marketing endeavors. But my labours shall bear fruit when we blister you with our brilliance by upping our social game. So watch out, loyal readers. It’s coming.

But as we head into August, I’ll be thinking about new releases—and not just the ones coming your way this fall. Information about Spring 2016 titles is starting to trickle through, and I’m as excited as a third grader with a backpack full of new school supplies. (No? Just me? OK. Good to know.)


Mmm. Fresh notebook smell.

Mmm. Fresh notebook smell.


That’s it for this latest, thrilling edition of the PQL monthly update. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about what we’ve got on the go at the shop. If nothing else, I hope we can commiserate about the embarrassingly disruptive effects of shoddy power service on our modern lives.

May the electrical current be with you, my lovelies.sig

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  1. Steph says:

    Due to some website issues, you may have experienced problems posting comments. We are working to rectify this problem.

    In the mean time, check out this comment from Beverly A.:

    Reading this reminded me of an article I wrote where I went through similar gyrations concerning “Jewish music” and “Canlit.” Thought you might be interested. You can find it on The Rover website, “Not your Bubby’s Klezmer.”

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