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Here’s the thing about September: it feels like anticipation. The oppressive heat of August backs off in favour of pleasant crispness. The backpacks come out as children toddle off back to school. Routines that were disrupted in the frantic rush of summer vacation are reestablished.

OK, folks, lets git ’er done.

OK, folks, lets git ‘er done.

It’s odd, but even childless young professionals like myself feel the change. I haven’t back-to-schooled in years, and I definitely don’t have young children who are (though that doesn’t stop me from lusting after school supplies). My routine has been pretty firmly established all through the summer, with regular work hours and everything, but I still feel a renewed motivation to buckle down and getting stuff done. It’s time for desk-clearing, hard-working, crisp-smelling, good-old-fashioned sweater weather.

Call it a rut or a grind if you want to, but I’m calling it … cyclical possibility.

Maybe it’s something in the almost-but-not-quite autumn air, but it probably also helps that the Fall 2015 season is kicking off, with exciting new releases on their way soon. Stick with us if—if you can stand the anticipation!


What’s happening this month?


Tim and Elke at the shop have also been bit by the get-stuff-done bug. We’ve got three—count ’em, three—new releases slated for September, including Mexican Journal, The Essential Travis Lane and Thoughts on Driving to Venus. That should keep you busy until October at the least.


In Toronto, ON.

My personal favourite small press fair is back! The Fisher Small and Fine Press Fair will be held on Saturday, September 12 in the gorgeous Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the U of T. Stop by to say hello and pick up some lovely PQL editions.

In Orangeville, ON.

The Headwater Arts Festival’s “Author’s Night” will be held at the Orangeville Opera House on September 25. Featured this year is Every Minute Is a Suicide author Bruce McDougall as well as PQL alumnus Elizabeth Hay (we published Small Change in 1997) and author Paula McLain.

In Fergus, ON.

The Grand River Suite of wood engravings will be exhibited at the Wellington Artists’ Gallery in Fergus during the month of September. The opening reception and artists’ talk will be held on September 13. Stop by to see the original images used in The Grand River.

In Red Deer, AB.

The work of Jim Westergard (author of the upcoming book Oddballs) will be on display at the White Gallery as part of his exhibition, “Distorted Contradictions” during the month of September. Get a sneak peek of the incredibly detailed oddballs before their publication.

In South Surrey, BC.

Here’s something a bit different. Davy the Punk author Bob Bossin will be performing at a fundraising event for Communities for Coal on September 13. Check out the website for tickets and contact information.

In the world.

Read a Book Day is September 6th. Well thank you. I think I will—and you should too. Studies say it helps improve memory, concentration, and even good looks!

September 13th is Positive Thinking Day. Let’s all be annoyingly upbeat and see how many people we can drive up the wall.

And September 25th is National Comic Book Day. May we recommend some wordless novels to celebrate?


From the porcupette’s corner.

August proved the existence of Murphy’s Law—if something could go wrong, it did! These things were naturally website-related, so it meant a lot of time spent researching solutions always slightly beyond my skill set. On the plus side, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I’d know about Google Analytics, tracking codes and the like.

"It were them analytics, Jem. They got me. They got me good."

“It were them analytics, Jem. They got me. They got me good.”

Perhaps the most fun and enlightening August task, however, was the digital marketing audit I undertook over the course of the month. I learned so much about how we compare to other publishers on the digital media front, and gleaned lots of tips and tricks for the future. With that in mind, we’ve made some changes as to what we’re sharing, and when, and with who, in order to better serve our beloved Quill fans. If you have some ideas as to how we can meet your needs, drop me a line at

portraitThanks for visiting the blog and reading about all of the goodies that September has in store for us here at the Porcupine’s Quill. Hope to see you in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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