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A hearty hello and Happy New Year to you Quill fans! This is Stephanie, your porcupette, coming to you live from Oh-Lord-Oh-Lord-Why-Did-I-Gorge-Myself-on-Such-Irresponsible-Quantities-of-Chocolate?-land. (You know, right next to Doritos-For-Days-But-I-Feel-No-Shame-land and slightly north of When-Did-Sugar-Become-Its-Own-Food-Group?-land.) Hopefully you, too, have narrowly escaped the perennial season of gastronomical debauchery and are now happily chugging toward a brave new world of guilt and gym memberships.

Hello Mr Pig. Gosh, this is awkward. I miiiight have eaten your cousin for Christmas. So. Um. That. #SorryNotSorry

Hello Mr Pig. Gosh, this is awkward. I miiiight have eaten your cousin for Christmas. So. Um. That. #SorryNotSorry

But Quill fans, there is hope. We have discovered a miracle product that allows you to consume it in jaw-dropping quantities without inhaling a single calorie. You can gobble up twice—no, thrice!—your body weight of the stuff without experiencing a dreaded sugar crash. You can practically bathe in its soothing aroma, luxuriate in its texture, marvel in its vibrant colours, all without packing on the belly fat.

You get that I’m talking about books, right?

This year’s crop of greatness includes some truly choice morsels, including stress-reducing poetry, brain-building non-fiction, and much, much more. Stay tuned for our new releases via our homepage, or our trusty newsletter.

What’s happening this month…



One of my very favourite books of the Fall 2015 season is now in print. Jim Westergard’s Oddballs is exactly the sort of book that makes me excited about printing and publishing. Out-of-this-world artistry and attention to detail PLUS madcap hilarity? What more can a girl ask for?

Well, as a special treat, the newest issue of the Devil’s Artisan is now available. DA 77 is a celebration of Coach House Books, the venerable publishing house responsible for some of the most cutting-edge Canadian literature around. Get your copy today!

In related news, the very first edition of our STICKY fingers imprint, Coach House at Fifty, is now available. Get your mobile-friendly copy here.

And finally, the big, big, BIG news around the shop has been Antanas Sileika’s Buying on Time. We were pleased as punch when it was longlisted for Canada Reads 2016, and we sure have our fingers (and toes!) crossed for the shortlist later this month. If you want to get your hands on the book, you’re in luck—we’ve got hot-off-the-press copies coming your way, which should be available by the end of the week.

In Red Deer.

January 31 marks the end of Oddballs author Jim Westergard’s retrospective exhibition, “Crocky Rocky Prairie Fairy” at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery. Be sure to stop in to fully appreciate the artistic genius at work!

In the World.

January 6 is Cuddle Up Day. This one is pretty much tailor made for me. Fluffy blankets are kind of an obsession. So grab that super-soft throw and hunker down in cuddly bliss.

January 15 is National Hat Day. We’re looking at you, George Walker!

January 28 is Fun at Work Day. So, like, every day for us publishing folk. (Cheesy lines for the win!)

From the porcupette’s corner.

My Christmas/New Year’s resolution was to finally, finally go through all the submissions that have accumulated over the last few busy weeks. And it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After weeks of reading, I’m finally down to some very promising manuscripts. Here’s hoping for a diamond in the rough!

portraitNow, I just want to sign up with a giant thank you to all who participated in our holiday giveaways. We’re so pleased with the reaction—and the entries—and hope to give you more opportunities to win free stuff very soon.

Here’s to a super 2016!sig


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