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This is me not talking about Valentine’s Day. No, really. I’ve decided not to mention it in solidarity with your inbox, which, in the lead-up to the Event-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named, will likely fill to bursting with relentlessly schmaltzy, romantically-inclined missives from savvy marketing folk sagely advising you on what you should buy (hint: their product) for your beloved.

“Honey, I was thinking about—” “Say Valentine’s Day one more time. Go on. Say Valentine’s Day one more time, Eunice. I dare you.”

“Honey, I was thinking about—” “Say Valentine’s Day one more time. Go on. Say Valentine’s Day one more time, Eunice. I dare you.”

No siree, this is not that. (But be forewarned: I reserve the right to crack that old chestnut at a later date, for my own nefarious marketing purposes.)

I will also not be talking about the Super Bowl. If you don’t know anything about the Panthers-Broncos match-up, and if you have no interest in the game of football … American football, not soccer, which I’m told is known as football everywhere in the world except North America … anyway, what I’m saying is, you are probably sick of hearing about the Super Bowl, too. Unless you’re one of those people who insists on sitting through the entire day’s worth of broadcast bro-dom just to watch the commercials. If so, well, good luck, I guess.

I won’t mention Mardi Gras, the Chinese New Year, or Groundhog Day. I will also keep mum on Family Day, that inexplicable statutory holiday that, to my knowledge, no one actually gets to have off and, you know, spend with their families.

Now, with that minefield of marketing fodder safely behind us, we are free turn our attention toward much more important matters. Book matters.


What’s happening this month…


Wouldn’t you know it—it is grant applications season. (Does it seem like it’s always grant application season? Hm.) Anyway, we’ve been spending lots of time thinking about what we’ve done over the past year, and of course, considering what we’re going to be doing for the near future. And let me tell you, there is a LOT to be excited about. I can barely contain myself! So while there is a lot of paperwork involved, this really is the most hopeful and exciting time of year around PQL. Decisions in the air! Planning! Manuscripts! Drama! Rest assured that you, loyal readers, will be the first to know about our stupendous upcoming lists.

In Berkeley, CA.

American friends, take heart! Bob Bossin’s Davy the Punk will be travelling to Berkeley, California! Bossin will perform his one-man musical (and no doubt capture many hearts in the audience) The Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk, which is based on the book. Be sure to join the crowd at the Art House Gallery and Cultural Center on February 14th.

In Edmonton.

We’re also pleased as punch to see that James Reaney’s adaptation of Alice Through the Looking-Glass, based on the Lewis Carroll classic, will be performed at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. The production just finished up a run in Winnipeg. If you’d like to brush up on the story before you see the show, you can buy a copy here.

In the world.

February 14 is … National Organ Donor Day! What? Did you think I was going to highlight a different holiday? One that coincidentally had to do with matters of the heart? I honestly don’t know what you expected.

February 28 is Public Sleeping Day, AKA that day you get mistaken for a hobo three times, AKA woohoo! Sleeping on the job day! AKA just kidding, your boss does not recognize this day as a holiday and does not approve … day.

OK, but like … don’t get caught.

OK, but like … don’t get caught.

And finally, February 29 is Leap Day, the only day of the year that is so lazy that it only bestirs itself to celebrate its birthday every four years. Honestly, Leap Day. Get it together.


From the Porcupette’s corner.

You know when you have a month where you’re plugging along, minding your own business, then WHAM—it’s over? That was this month.

Seriously, January. Where did you go?

Looking back, it was a rather action-packed month. We unveiled our new eStore, which is pretty darn spiffy, if I do say so myself. (Don’t believe me? Check it out here.) Many thanks to our website guru Marcel, who set it all up for us. And who taught me how to get our listings up and running. And who answered my panic emails about said new website. And so on. But really, the end result is a lot more attractive than our previous site, and it allows us to offer our STICKY fingers ebooks formatted for iPads, Kindles, Kobos, smart phones and the like.

portraitAnd with that, I will bid you adieu. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little update from us here at the Porcupine’s Quill. Remember, we love to hear from you—drop us a line anytime if you fancy a chat: <>.


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