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Douglas Adams, the genius behind seminal sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, famously wrote, “I love deadlines. I like the wooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Now, I have the utmost respect to Mr. Adams, but I can’t find it in myself to be quite so blasé about the whole affair. Call me an anxiety-ridden conformist if you want to, but the mere concept of missing a deadline is so repugnant to me that it is liable to send me into a tizzy of panic-induced hives. Look up the word ‘deadline’ in the OED and you’ll find that it was historically used to refer to “a line around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot”—quite literally the line of death. You’ll begin to understand just how seriously I take that word.

“Aw, hell, Zeke, I just didn’t see this comin’.” “I don’t want to start nothin’ George, but … really? I mean, there’s a line, George. An honest-to-goodness line. It says DO NOT CROSS.”

“Aw, hell, Zeke, I just didn’t see this comin’.” “I don’t want to start nothin’ George, but … really? I mean, there’s a line, George. An honest-to-goodness line. It says DO NOT CROSS.”

So it should come as no surprise that, when I learned that a major sales deadline had somehow crept under the radar and has suddenly reared its hideous, ravening maw a mere two weeks away from unquestionable calamity, I tumbled into a tailspin of neurotic dismay. I swear I went through all five stages of grief over the course of an afternoon as I frantically planned what looked more like Hell Week at boot camp than a civilized work schedule.

But never fear, Quill friends! Despite my hysterical ravings, we are back on track to meet all our deadlines with a significant amount of fuss, but nothing that we hardy PQLers can’t handle.


What’s going on this week…


It’s everybody’s favourite time of year—title information sheet season! *raaaaah raaaaah* No but seriously though, it’s the time of year when we get ready to reveal next season’s awesome new books. Who doesn’t like that?

Over at the shop, Tim and Elke just finished printing and binding a new print run of Marta Chudolinska’s excellent wordless novel Back + Forth, just in time for TCAF. At the STICKY fingers desk, I’m happy to announce that the latest “sticky” is complete, and will be available for purchase later this week.

In Antigonish

Alec Dempster will visit St. Francis Xavier University to present Lotería Huaseca, followed by a performance of Huapango music. Stop by Schwartz School of Business, SCH 215 to get in on the action!

In Edmonton.

James Reaney’s adaptation of Alice Through the Looking-Glass is still playing at the Citadel Theatre. Be sure to check it out before March 20, and of course, don’t forget to buy your copy of the play on our website.

In Toronto.

Composer R. Murray Schafer, author of My Life on Earth and Elsewhere will be featured in an upcoming Soundstreams event in Toronto on March 8. Two of his compositions will be performed as part of a concert honouring the music of James MacMillan.

In Brantford.

The Grand River Suite, the engravings which form the basis of The Grand River by Gerard Brender à Brandis and Marianne Brandis, will be on display in Branford this spring at the Glenhyrst Gallery. Stop by between March 26 and May 22 to view these masterpieces. Also, don’t forget to attend the opening reception Thursday, March 31, from 7:00 to 9:00, where you’ll be able to purchase copies of the book and get them signed by the artist and author.

In Winnipeg.

Alec Dempster will be joining his friends Gabriel Fields and the son jarocho group Jaraneros del Norte in Winnipeg on March 12 for an evening of culture, music and fun. The event is in celebration of Alec’s wonderful book Lotería Huaseca, so be sure to get your book signed!

In Vancouver.

The inimitable George A. Walker will be on hand to give an artists’ talk in Vancouver. The event, organized by the Alcuin Society, will give you a chance to check out the limited edition of The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook and Trudeau: La Vie en Rose up close, and take a copy of the PQL trade edition home with you. It is an event not to be missed!

In Los Angeles.

We are so pleased and excited to be attending the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Bookfair in sunny California this year! The fair will showcase over 800 indie presses and journals, creative writing programs and literary arts organizations. It will be a doozie. The bookfair runs Thursday, March 31 – Saturday, April 2, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., so if you’re in town, stop by Table 104 to say hello to the porcupette.

In the world.

March 4 National Grammar Day. There is an old saying that goes something like this: Grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit. ’Nuff said.

March 14 is Potato Chip Day AKA the day I want every day to be for the rest of time.

March 23 National Puppy Day. Because sometimes, you just need a cuddle with a creature that loves you so much it just wants to lick your face off.


From the Porcupette’s corner

February appears to have been the month of social media. Looking back, I spent a whole lot of time putting together tweets and Facebook updates and blog posts and newsletters of every stripe. I like to think it’s my little way of staying social in this age of shockingly severe Internet dependence. But I like talking to you guys and hearing what you have to say (even if you’re just saying, “Hey, thumbs up. Good stuff.”).

“Sittin’ here, all social-like. Readin’ together. Ain’t that social, Rupert? Aint it?”

“Sittin’ here, all social-like. Readin’ together. Ain’t that social, Rupert? Aint it?”

But unfortunately, endless socializing is not the order of the day. March will be jam-packed with title information sheets, book cover designs, marketing plans and some seriously cool events. Don’t worry folks—we’ll keep you entertained!

portraitUntil next time, this is your porcupette signing off from this monthly update. Don’t be strangers!



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