White Rabbits, Mad Hatters and Wayzgooses! (Wayzgeese?) (and PQ’s first blog/twitter contest!)

**post updated with new contest info!

Hello friends of the Quill! I hope you’re all enjoying these first days of spring!

With the weather starting to warm up, festival season is getting started! One of my favourite types of festivals is a Wayzgoose. What’s a wayzgoose, you ask? It’s not a type of genetically modified fowl—a wayzgoose is a celebration of the work printers, bookmakers and publishers (like, say, Porcupine’s Quill!). Grimsby’s Wayzgoose, happening on April 30th, is one of the biggest book arts fairs in Canada! Our very own George A. Walker will be there all morning—be sure to come by and say hello! I’ll keep everyone posted on all the events PQL will be participating in over the next few months here on the blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of the incomparable Mr. Walker, I’ve been busy this week working on a very extensive WorldCat campaign for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Caleigh posted a bit about WorldCat campaigns here and here. Working on the campaigns feels a bit like a scavenger hunt, and I love getting in touch with librarians (who are as passionate about books as publishers are, from my experience!) and telling them all about our new titles. The buzz for Alice is growing fast—everyone’s excited to revisit this beloved classic through the lens of Walker’s engravings!

Which brings me to (drumroll please…) our very first contest: Follow the White Rabbit to PQL!

We have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland up for grabs for a lucky winner! Want to know how to enter? I’m going to make it easy on you!

1)  Leave a comment on this post with your name and email address or twitter handle! (Yes, it’s that easy!)

2)  For one (1) extra entry, post a photo of a white rabbit on twitter (using the hashtag #followtherabbittoPQL) or on our facebook page! *note: you don’t have to take the photo yourself! You can share any of your favourite bunny photos!

3)  For an additional extra entry, tweet a link to this post with the hashtag #followtherabbittoPQL or re-tweet one of our contest tweets!

You need to do at least one of these things by Tuesday, April 26th at 6:00pm to be eligible to win! The winner will be revealed here on the blog shortly after! (I am really excited about this contest, you guys.)

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend (and hunting down some white rabbits for your contest entries!)

Ciao for now!


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7 Responses to White Rabbits, Mad Hatters and Wayzgooses! (Wayzgeese?) (and PQ’s first blog/twitter contest!)

  1. Okay, that’s exciting. 😀 Please consider me entered! I’ll keep my eye out for good white rabbits to post. 😉

  2. Liz Davidson says:

    count me in, am off to find my white rabbit photo….mmmmm which hard drive do i tunnel into first?

  3. Diana Gore says:

    Fun! I love books!

  4. Stacey says:

    White Rabbits unite! Here’s hopping it’s not too long until the sun shines true 🙂

    ~Stacey @aelyecats

  5. rachel says:

    Fun! What perfect timing with Easter this weekend… You know, rabbits, Easter…

  6. I just read Alice for the first time this year! So wonderful! This is very exciting.

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