The Porcupette Hits the Road: Two BIG Coming Attractions

This porcupette is one lucky publishing enthusiast, sallying forth into the wild blue yonder in the next couple of weeks, looking to generate some book sales in parts unknown. I’ll be venturing south of the border to attend two very exciting—and very different—book fairs, where I’ll be spreading the good word about the Porcupine’s Quill and its most excellent authors.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference and Bookfair is an annual event often touted as the largest literary conference in North America. Naturally, we have to go, at least once, to see what all the fuss is about.

And we’re in good company, too. There are apparently around 800 bookfair exhibitors registered for the event—from small presses like us, to prestigious literary journals, to the big multinationals—all exhibiting their wares at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It has been a gigantic undertaking, what with booking transportation and accommodation, figuring out how to send our books over the border and then picking them up again, filing the appropriate paperwork … whew. I’m sure that when I walk into the building for Wednesday set-up, I’ll be awed by the cavernous space—and the ready access to books and the reading inclined.

So to all of the readers and writers who follow our work, if you’re heading to Los Angeles and are registered for AWP 2016, which runs March 30 to April 2, do stop by and say hello! We’ll be at table #104, on the western edge of the bookfair space. You can’t miss us. (Well, I mean, conceivably you could because the space is huge, but you shouldn’t!)

By the way, I can’t help but mention that there will be a few other brave Canadian presses making the trek to sunny Los Angeles. CanLit fans must check out these familiar names (and their exhibit space numbers) as well:

(My apologies if I’ve missed anyone!)

Now if LA is a bit far and large events aren’t your cup of tea, you might instead enjoy the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Buffalo is an easy jaunt from the GTA, so grab your passport, get in your car (or hop a Megabus) and point the wheels toward books!

This two-day, regional event takes place on April 9th and 10th at Porter Hall in the beautiful Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Buffalo, NY. They will host almost a hundred booksellers, small presses, indie magazines, artists, designers, and of course authors. This event has a much more indie vibe, and would be great for people who appreciate the experimental, innovative and just plain beautiful work being done by artists and micropresses.

This year is the fair’s 10th anniversary, but unfortunately, it is also its last. Come by and experience the magic before it’s too late.

(Bonus: I see Coach House and Invisible Publishing are going to be there, too!)


portraitSo, that’s what I’ll be up to these next two weeks. Now seriously. Come and see me. I don’t like to be lonely. And if you just so happen to purchase a couple of PQL books, I won’t say no…


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