Around the Shop: Finishing Up Strike Anywhere

Yup, you read that right—Michael Lista’s fabulous book of criticism, Strike Anywhere, is finally finished! You’ve seen me fangirl over this already when I featured an excerpt from the book a while back to whet your appetites.

My enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Now I’m satisfying your visual curiosity with a peek around the shop as we finish up the final stages of production. All of the signatures have been printed, folded and sewn, and the covers affixed, so it’s time to trim! Take a look as we slice and stack this exciting new addition to the PQL family.

Trimming Strike Anywhere
Trimming Strike Anywhere
Stacked copies of Strike AnywhereStacked copies of Strike Anywhere

Aren’t you both terrified and fascinated by the trimmer? The fine, sharp line is fantastic, but whew, watch your fingers, eh?

portraitIf you’re looking for a copy of this wonderful book, mosey on over to the Strike Anywhere page on the PQL website. Order today—you will not be disappointed!

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