The Quill around the Web: Link roundup, Week of May 14th.

Hi Quillfriends! Just a quick check-in to share some interesting Quill-related links around the web this weekend. If you’re not sure what to do with these rainy days, why not check them out?

Blogger/bookseller extraordinaire Charlotte Ashley reviews Frank Newfeld’s Drawing on Type on her blog, Inklings. Check it out!

Editing Modernism in Canada has a great post by Christopher Doody, who writes on his experience as a research assistant working on P.K. Page’s Brazilian Journal. Another perspective on the “inside look” we try to give you here at Letters from the Porcupette!

The Private Library features our very own Rosemary Kilbourn and her work, which includes wood engravings, postage stamps, and stained-glass windows!

And if you’re looking for something a little silly to pass some time, and you fancy yourself a type/design nerd, try your hand at the more-challenging-than-you-think game Cheese or Font? Let me know how you do!

Enjoy your weekends!


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