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So apparently September happened. I know—I’m as shocked as you are.

I’m pretty sure I started the month by running around like my hair was on fire, so I don’t know that I really noticed the passage of time. Everything seemed to happen all at once, in a blur, until I poked my nose out to find cold, grey weather and so much rain I’m beginning to contemplate building an ark, just in case.

September and its attendant promise were there one day and gone the next. Give it to me straight, doc. Have I been in a coma? Was there a time warp involved? Did I Rip-van-Winkle my way through an entire month?

"Yes, Genie? I'd like more time please. That's more time. More hours in the day. That would be grand, thanks."

“Yes, Genie? I’d like more time please. That’s more time. More hours in the day. That would be grand, thanks.”

Maybe this just means I need to slow down a bit, take a break and, dare I say it? Read a book. Like, for fun. (Gasp!)

Here’s to hoping that October goes by a little more slowly.


What’s happening this month…


You, my lucky PQL friends, are looking at some seriously cool new releases this month. First on deck we have Palookaville: Seth and the Art of Graphic Autobiography—a super cool monograph by Tom Smart. You will be impressed by the number of illustrations included in this fascinating book—you can almost “read” the margins! And coming soon we also have Bruce Meyer’s Portraits of Canadian Writers. You won’t want to miss the combination of personal images and reminiscences in this collection.

In Dundas.

For the art aficionados, we’ve got just the event for you in Dundas, Ontario. The artist behind The Grand River, Gerard Brender à Brandis, will be exhibiting the suite of wood engravings from the book at the Carnegie Gallery. The opening reception takes place on October 7 (7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.), and the exhibition runs until October 31st.

In Toronto.

Fans of the whimsical poetic stylings of JonArno Lawson and of the vibrant artwork of Alec Dempster take note. This dynamic duo will be launching their latest collaboration, The Hobo’s Crowbar at Maizal on October 16.

In Princeton, BC.

Bob Bossin is at it again! He’ll be performing his Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk at the Princeton Museum on October 29. Should be a great show!

In the World.

October 3 is Techies Day. I feel like these are my people, so … shout out!

October 16 is Dictionary Day. We should all strive to use at least one unfamiliar word that day. Deal?

Surely in all those pages there will be one positively splendid word to share with the world.

Surely in all those pages there will be one positively splendid word to share with the world.

October 25 is World Pasta Day. As a card-carrying carb lover, this is a holiday I can totally get behind. Fettuccine anyone?


From the porcupette’s corner.

What have I done this month? Seriously. What have I done? It’s all a blur. I suspect that editing 1,500 pages in the space of a few weeks was ill-advised, but to be fair I brought it on myself. (No need to call Workplace Standards!)

The highlight of the month was most definitely Word on the Street. I love meeting PQL fans in the wild and it never ceases to amaze me how interconnected our little publishing world is—particularly when people stop by who happen to be authors or friends or colleagues or old school mates! Plus, it didn’t hurt that Tim treated me to lunch at The Pearl, which will probably go down in history as my go-to Chinese eatery in Toronto. (Seriously. When can I go back?)

Me, crushingly disappointed when I realize that whatever I ordered at wherever I'm eating is not rainbow chopped in crystal fold.

Me, when I realize that whatever I ordered at wherever I’m eating is not rainbow chopped in crystal fold.


portraitThanks for checking in with us this month. We hope you enjoyed this update and as always, stay tuned for the latest product announcements delivered straight to your inbox.


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