The Porcupine’s Quill Around the Web (and some tweetspam frustration!)

The Quill has been all over the web recently, so I thought I’d gather some of my favourite links to share with you all!

It's link roundup time!

If you haven’t joined the haiku theatre contest, to win a copy of Shane Neilson’s collection Complete Physical, get on it! The contest ends Thursday, June 16th! (If someone submits an Olivia-Newton John AND book themed haiku, I’ll be really excited. Consider that a challenge!)

Speaking of Complete Physical, hop on over to OpenBook Ontario to get the scoop on how PQ published Neilson’s amazing poems. You can also find out what Shane’s been reading recently over at The Record.

Dana’s experience reading Jon Evans’ Beasts of New York changed the way she thinks about animals – how did you respond to BoNY?

Speaking of Mr. Jon Evans, he’s off traveling – you can keep up with his travels on his twitter and cultivate some wanderlust of your own through his photo updates! (Tell me in the comments about your dream vacations, too. I’m just a nosy porcupette.)

Have you poked around CanadianBookshelf yet? We’re there, too!

George Walker’s Book of Hours was given an in-depth review on Sequential – have you read any wordless novels yet?

Looking for something to do the weekend of July 8-10th? Come out to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto and meet George Walker!

David Helwig talks about Mystery Stories with OpenBook Toronto.

If you’re fond of our print books, but looking to stuff your digital devices full of PQ goodness, wait no more! Our eBooks are here!

The fab folks at the Kenspeckle Letterpress have included us amongst some very esteemed company in the “Specklesphere” – check out the blogspeckle!

According to Wikipedia, a quarter of 2010’s most notable contributions to Canadian Poetry were PQL titles! How exciting is that! We’re flattered. (If you are the editor of their 2010 in Poetry article, we salute you!)

Mark Lavorato’s poetry collection, Wayworn Wooden Floors, is upcoming for 2012– he’s a man of many talents – check out his site to find out more!

And a PSA for all you tweeters – I’ve been getting a lot of tweet-spam when tweeting with the hashtag #poetry – I’m furious about it! Be wary when you get mysterious tweet-responses consisting solely of links from someone you don’t know (often with a scantily-clad profile picture and no followers!). Who do these spammers think they are, trying to punish our #poetry love?

What bookish fun have you uncovered on the web this week?


Pssst…if you’re a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you might want to pick up the National Post this Saturday. But you didn’t hear it from me…

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