Complete Physical Contest – Did you win?

Salutations, Quill fans!

First of all, Congratulations to all nominees and winners of this year’s Trillium award! The reading on Thursday night were fantastic and all should be thrilled. Our own Shane Neilson’s reading was (and I quote, straight from the mouths and/or twitter feeds of other attendees) “intense and pointed”, “the greatest surprise of the night” and he “brought the house down” (if you want to know more, search the hashtag #trillium on twitter to see what people have been tweeting about!). We are simply thrilled to have been able to publish Complete Physical with Shane!

Speaking of thrilling things, I’m excited to announce the winner of the Let’s Get (Complete) Physical Contest! We had lots of fantastic haiku submitted to our Haiku Theatre (you lot put me to shame!). Our winner is…

used treasure opened
boarding pass circa ’04
you loved this one too?


Congrats Alana! And thanks again to all who entered! It’s been a blast! Keep your eyes peeled for the next PQL contest!

Porcupette out!


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