PQL Holiday Giveaway # 1: Literary Nostalgia for CanLit Lovers


The holidays are brimming with nostalgia. Take a (FREE!) trip down memory lane with Bruce Meyer’s …


Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen, Ray Robertson, Bronwen Wallace—these are just a few authors whose unforgettable words have made them icons of Canadian literary expression. In Portraits of Canadian Writers, Bruce Meyer presents his own personal experience of these and many more seminal Canadian authors, sharing their portraits alongside amusing anecdotes that reveal personality, creativity, and humour.

We want to share this treasury of CanLit history with all of our loyal fans and followers. We’re offering a free, extended preview of this fantastic book, which you can download via BookGrabbr at the link below.

portraitThanks for stopping by for this week’s holiday giveaway. Stay tuned for another great giveaway next week!

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