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My resolve is rather weak.

Needless to say, my track record with New Year’s resolutions is pretty dismal. My old standby for the past few years—to floss my teeth every day—is trivial and ridiculously easy to not screw up, but even that resolution has been somewhat shaken of late by the recent studies that show no medical benefit to all that rigamarole. Without dental hygiene to fall back on, what’s a porcupette to do? Resolve not to resolve?

Creepy voice: “Is it safe?” (BOOM! Classic movie reference. And one of the reasons I floss, let’s be honest.)

It should be noted that I categorically refuse to make one of those grandiose, vague, life-changing resolutions like working out more or throwing out every article of clothing that doesn’t “spark joy.” I refuse to hold myself accountable to a decision prompted solely by the approach of some arbitrary day of the year that, though conveniently located on the first day of the first month in the Gregorian calendar, has absolutely no statistical relevance when it comes to exercising willpower or making sound decisions.

To me, a good resolution has to be definable, achievable, measurable, and worthwhile. It also has to be easy, and in line with my inclinations, because let’s be real.

For example, “reading more” is a nebulous concept that is really nothing more than an n+1 type of solution where n is the number of books you read last year and +1 is, well, one more. But reading at least two books for fun each month is specific, most likely reasonable even during particularly busy months, easily trackable via app or pen-and-paper methods. And, of course, I and many others happen to think that reading makes you happier, more empathetic, more relaxed etc. etc.

Hm. I might have just convinced myself. Of course, this is just a bare minimum—I’m completely free to read eight books a month if I ever find the time—but maybe it’s just what I need to find a bit of relaxation and inspiration in 2017.


What’s happening this month.


After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January is a bit of a quiet month here at PQL. We’re going to be getting to our Spring 2017 list very soon, but in the mean time, we have a new STICKY fingers edition for you! Our subscribers and followers got a first look at the ebook during the month of December, but now we’re releasing this newest edition into the wild. Learn more about it here.


If you’re still looking for something bookish to sink your teeth into, may we suggest checking out the most recent issue of the Devil’s Artisan?

In the world.

Did you know that January 4 is Trivia Day? (See what I did there? Eh? Eh?)

January 14 is Dress Up Your Pet Day, also known (to cats) as ‘Put that Sweater on Me and I Will Disembowel You, Human’ Day.

And finally, January 23 is National Handwriting Day. Instead of typing out your notes, scribble them down. Half the fun is trying to decipher them later!


From the porcupette’s corner.

’Twas the most wonderful time of the year this past month. Finally an excuse to tackle some of those lingering, time-consuming tasks that went on the back burner in the hustle and bustle of the fall season. I spent much of the month reading through some promising submissions as well as working on editorial details of our upcoming spring list.

I also nerded out quite a bit, trying to decipher the mystery that is groff, our typesetting application. On the bright side, I did learn how to install a virtual machine, and fumble through some command line basics. I have yet to succeed, but it’s a work in progress. May the tech gods shine their light upon me!


Thanks for checking in with us in this brand spankin’ new year. We hope your holidays were swell, and of course, that 2017 is full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows … and a few great books!

Happy New Year,

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