Cool Bookish Places: Blue Bicycle Books (Plus a Bonus!)

I recently found myself in historic Charleston, South Carolina—a quick southern getaway intended to escape the cold and spend some quality time with an old friend. Of course, the temperature didn’t escape the 40s (about 5 degrees Celcius) for the vast majority of the trip. The best laid plans and all that.

But thankfully, we Canadians are made of sterner stuff and were able to brave the cold and discover a pristine little bookshop called Blue Bicycle Books in the King Street shopping district. Naturally I had to stop in and peruse the immaculate shop and its collection of cute little rooms. Here are a few photos for your enjoyment:

The humble facade is tidy and inviting.

And yes, they do have a blue bicycle parked outside with books strapped to the back.

Even in a foreign country, I felt a moment of “this is my home and these are my people”.

Whoever is responsible for the displays should get a raise. This store is immaculate and has a few charming book displays.

Excuse me while I drool a bit.

And how cute is this children’s area? Seriously, you would not have been able to pry me out of this tent as a kid.


STICKY fingers is the name of our charming little digital-only imprint here at PQL. It is also a BBQ restaurant in Charleston!


Come on, isn’t that just the cutest little bookshop that you ever did see? If you find yourself in Charleston, I highly recommend checking out this gem. You won’t be able to resist leaving with a great new read!

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