PQL Link Roundup – July 1st-17th

It’s that time again, Quillies…

(out of curiousity, I googled “Quillies” to find out if it is a real word. According to the very authoritative, always-credible, Quillies are “the bumps remaining on a bird that has had the quill feathers removed”. Maybe I’ll have to stop calling you that…)

Shane Neilson and P.K. Page were both finalists for the 2010 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year awards for Poetry! So exciting!

Jaclyn at Literary Treats reviews Jon Evans’ Beasts of New York.

A former Porcupette and now-editor (of the Essential Richard Outram, among others), Amanda Jernigan, has a poem up at the Poetry Foundation!

FaithToday reviews The Essential Margaret Avison.

The CCSP continues their #retrotech series with a post about Groff, which is how we typeset here at the Quill. Neato, right?

The Indextrious Reader reviews Megan Speers’ Wanderlust and George Walker’s Book of Hours.

Anita Lahey at the Fiddlehead blog includes P.K. Page’s Coal and Roses as one of her top 10 Canadian Poetry books in the last decade. Sweet!

Laurie Lewis, intrepid and fantastic author of Little Comrades, has been conquering the web and, well, the world, recently. (If you want to visit one of Laurie’s book launches, you’re in luck! The third in her trilogy of events is in Stratford on July 23rd!) Want to learn more about Laurie?

Ashley-Elizabeth at Kingston WritersFest, has a great post about Laurie Lewis and Little Comrades which includes some audio from a recent reading! How fantastic is that? (Laurie will be at Kingston WritersFest in September!)

Sarah Hampson profiles Laurie Lewis in the Globe and Mail.

Laurie, profiled in ProfileKingston.

Ready for some exciting Little Comrades news? Want to see Laurie live, but you’re not near Stratford on the 23rd? You’re in luck! Laurie is set to be on Canada AM (on CTV) this Thursday at 8:00am! We’re all very excited for Laurie. Be sure to watch!

And, from the realm of fun and unrelated: Check out some real porcupettes (and some other really adorable baby animals) at ZooBorns!

What have you been reading on the web this week?


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