PQL on your couch! (Well, almost.)

I have a confession to make.

I lied. Yeah. In our last post, I told you that Laurie Lewis was going to be on Canada AM on the 21st. Well, as you may have noticed, it was not the 21st, but the 28th that Laurie was on! (Though, her appearance was taped on the 21st, so I suppose she was literally on the set of Canada AM on the 21st. So it was a half-lie. Will you forgive me, Quill fans?) In any case, we’re thrilled to have one of our own beamed into your living rooms!

Perhaps you missed it because I misled you. (désolée!) Perhaps your morning routine doesn’t leave much time for TV, or around 8:30am you tend to be sitting on the subway wondering why you always seem to be on the slowest moving public transportation of all time! (Or maybe I’m just projecting my frustration on to you, readers!) In any case, we’re all in luck! If you didn’t catch it this morning, you can watch Laurie’s interview online:

Laurie Lewis, Author of Little Comrades on Canada AM

Laurie’s story is fascinating and inspiring to so many people. If you don’t feel acquainted with Laurie yet, you can read more about her and her memoir, Little Comrades, on, The Globe and Mail, Kingston Writersfest (whose post features a great recording of Laurie’s reading from the launch) and the Whig-Standard. Of course, if you really want the whole story, you’ll have to pick up a copy of Little Comrades for yourself to get all the juicy details!

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