Porcupine’s Quill and SaltyInk – Bringing Contests to you!

Hey Quill friends!

I know what you’re thinking – Gee, it’s been awhile since that Porcupette had a contest, hasn’t it? Well, wait no longer!

Jessica Grant, author of Making Light of Tragedy, is featured on SaltyInk’s Literary Journal N.A.C.L. We love N.A.C.L. not only because it features some of the best lit Atlantic Canada has to offer, but also because it is pun-eriffic. The Porcupette does love a good pun. (Fun Fact: The lovely Jessica Grant originated the name of this very journal!)

Grant has been given lots of attention for her recent work, but Making Light of Tragedy has garnered a fair bit of attention, too! The Ruminator says “This collection is worth the purchase price for the opening story alone: a wife’s tale of her ski-jumper husband, who takes off in Olympic competition and just never comes down, in a scant six pages meditating touchingly and amusingly on faith, science, the media and love. Twenty-two more brief, compelling, smart and funny stories follow. Their subjects range from the nature of ugliness to the lengths one man will go to avoid shoveling snow; their wit and heart, and Grant’s abundant skill, are reminiscent of the author’s fellow Newfoundlander Lorrie Moore”.

Well, heck. Now I know you’re all dying to read it!

Luckily for you, Quill fans, you can read “Della Renfrew” from Making Light of Tragedy right here on N.A.C.L., and while you’re there being entranced by Grant’s prose, why not enter to win a copy? Just comment on the N.A.C.L. article to be entered!

Good Luck!

(Also, thanks to Chad Pelley at SaltyInk for featuring Jessica in N.A.C.L. A gentleman and a scholar!)


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