Fancy free giveaways: The Essential P.K. Page

Hello Westerners!

I understand that you will be reading The Essential P.K. Pagethis winter! We could not be more pleased here at the Quill! To show our appreciation and lend you a hand in your studies, we’re setting up a few features just for you guys here on our website. If that won’t drag you out of your beds and help you shake off that back to school blues, I don’t know what will!

The first, and probably the most exciting, is our Fancy free giveaway! Here at the Quill we will be giving away THREE free copies of The Essential P.K. Page. But more on that later….

I would like to first inform all of you that we are selling The Essential P.K. Page online as an eBook. Don’t want to wait in line at the book store? Want to save a little cash? Arms getting tired of carrying around all those cumbersome texts (what are you doing in English then anyway??)? Ebooks are for you! Get The Essential P.K. Page here for only $4.99.

Also to assist you guys in your studies we will be composing some study questions. You might find these will help you as you read the text to alert you to key issues and themes. Alternatively, they can be a great study tool to help you get ready for the exam! You will be able to find them on our website here. I’m hoping to have them posted by the end of the month, so hang in there literary keeners! But more on that later, for now let’s get on to the contest!

To be entered to win a FREE hard copy of The Essential P.K. Page all you have to do is answer one simple question–and the answer can be found right here on our very website! Just click here to be taken to The Essential P.K. Page’s title page. The answer will be found in the first couple of paragraphs. And my question to you is this:

What is the source of all of P.K. Page’s poems?

Submit your answers to my email account at Be sure to include your name and use an account that you check often! This is how we will get in touch with you to let you know you won!

The deadline is Saturday, October 1 by midnight.

(If you want a chance to enter in the contest again and improve your chances you can do the following. Once you have submitted your answer to my gmail account, find us on twitter @porcupinesquill. Our Essential Poets series always feature flowers on their covers. Tweet me the flower on the cover of The Essential P.K. Page! Bonus points if you also tweet me a link with a photo of your favourite flower! Tweets will only count for those who have already submitted an answer to my query via gmail.)

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