Freebie Image Gallery: Happy First Day of Spring

It’s trite but true: a picture is worth a thousand words. In our emoticon-spouting, animated GIF meme-ing, Facebook-loving times, we communicate, more and more, through images. The Freebie Image Gallery features high-resolution images available through Devil’s Artisan, our very own Journal of the Printing Arts. DA’s Dingbats Section offers an ever-expanding selection of free, high-resolution, downloadable dingbats, ornaments and fanciful initials for your printed and online projects.

Today’s freebie image gallery features a lovely collection of spring-themed images. Use them to liven up your print and digital designs, or use them at home–they make great wall art. Keep scrolling to see the selection.

garden whimsey

There’s nothing like a little garden whimsey to get you in the mood for the season.

hare and frogs

The Easter season is coming soon, which means we’ll see more bunnies hopping around the advertising world…

rose bush

Aren’t you looking forward to seeing the lovely flowering bushes in your neighbourhood bloom?

spring chicken

I’m not quite sure where the expression “spring chicken” comes from, but this is a pretty handsome specimen of one, in my opinion.

spring birds in tree

Nothing says spring like birds sitting in a tree and singing their little lungs out. Whether you consider this to be an adorable symphony or an annoying wake-up call is totally up to you.

hot air balloon

And finally, what’s spring without a little adventure. Don’t you think a hot air balloon ride would be thrilling?


PortraitI hope you find lots of interesting and innovative ways to use these images in your designs. These and many more are available at the Devil’s Artisan website. Click on the images above or browse the DA website for print-quality versions.


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