Book Bundle Giveaway: Essential Women Poets

As you probably know, we’re pretty big into National Poetry Month here at the Porcupine’s Quill. Every year for the past few years we’ve been tweeting out our #PQLPoemADay and organizing a book bundle giveaway to meet your literary needs during this most poetic of months.

It just so happens that one of our new, hot-off-the-press Spring 2018 titles is ready for its day in the sun. So let’s take a moment to appreciate The Essential Dorothy Roberts selected by Brian Bartlett, the seventeenth volume in the Essential Poets series.

The Essential Dorothy Roberts is very much about the importance of place and home and native landscape. Though she lived most of her adult life in the United States, Dorothy Roberts’s poetry demonstrates a love for her homeland in New Brunswick. It is full of the sights and sounds of the waterways and forests of her childhood, and it exhibits an intelligence, a power and a beauty that echoes the Maritime Canadian landscape.

Sound interesting? Well, good, because we’ve got a giveaway for  you!




Essential Jay Macpherson, Travis Lane, Dorothy Roberts


Want to win this awesome prize? It’s easy:

1. log in to the form below using email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
2. earn up to six entries by visiting us Facebook or Instagram, tweeting on Twitter, browsing our Essential Poets page or signing up for our newsletter. Don’t forget the bonus entry—complete at least one action (visiting our Instagram page, for example) to unlock!
3. log out of the form to submit your entry

The winner will be contacted by email next week.


portraitWe have our fingers crossed for each and every one of you! We hope you have a wonderful National Poetry Month, with lots of time to enjoy the very best verse Canada has to offer.


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4 Responses to Book Bundle Giveaway: Essential Women Poets

  1. Annick MacAskill says:

    Love your books!

  2. Mary C. Kelly says:

    I’m already subscribed to your e-newsletter … Thanks for opportunity to win the 3-volumes of The Eseential Dorothy Roberts, The Essential Jay Macpherson, and The Essential Travis Lane poetry books … Much appreciate opportunity. Hope I’m lucky winner!
    Fingers crossed cheers, MCK.

  3. Norma Lundberg says:

    Hmmm — would welcome the chance to win these three poetry books by women, but as I don’t participate in the Book of Face, nor do I Tweet, nor do I Instagram, and I already subscribe to your online newsletter (use it for news to order from Ben McNally Books in Toronto), I resorted to the option to “Learn More about the Essential Poets” but couldn’t find an entry there, so shall simply give up.

    • Steph says:

      Hi Norma–

      Sorry for the confusion. Once you visit the page, you simply come back to the form and click “continue”. I put in two entries for you (the “Learn More” entry and the bonus entry) so you don’t miss out!



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