Kingston Writer Festival: Where will you be?

As this Porcupette gets ready to lay down her pen for the week and pack her bags for Kingston she’s wondering, will I see any of you there?

The Kingston Writer’s Festival is happening this weekend from Thursday to Sunday and it is absolutely filled to the brim with fantastic events. Go ahead, take a glance through the guest list, you’re sure to recognize at least a few of the featured authors. To give you a taste … J.M. Coetzee will be there, speaking with Paul Auster. As will Canadian icon Elizabeth Hay. Hay will be reading alongside other literary stars Cynthia Holz, Helen Humphreys, and Madeleine Thien as they take high tea. Even Roméo Dallaire will be there speaking with Antjie Krog, poet, reporter and author of Country of My Skull!

But by far the best–by far the best–events will be those featuring the Porcupine’s Quill’s very own Laurie Lewis. Lewis recently published her memoir with us, Little Comrades, which tells the story of her childhood, growing up in a dysfunctional, left-wing family in Canada’s West. Lewis will be taking part in two events over the course of the weekend. These are:

Friday, Sept 23 at 10 – 11 am
“Daughters of the Revolution” with Merrily Weisbord

Saturday, Sept 24 at 11 – 12:30 am
“Literary Debuts” with Martha Schabas and Alexi Zentner

For more information on these events check out our events page here.

To get yourself geared up, OpenBook Ontario has posted this fantastic interview with Lewis. It’s a great read and I encourage you to take a look here.

I’ll be at both events this weekend, and I’ll probably spend the rest of my time wandering around the beautiful city of Kingston. I hope to see you all there, but for those of you who can’t make it out, you can expect lots of updates here! Until next time … Porcupette out!

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