Out and About With the Quill: Grimsby Wayzgoose 2018

As you probably know, the Grimsby Wayzgoose is a favourite event here at the Porcupine’s Quill. Anyone who loves printmaking, bookbinding, and various other book arts-related activities will find much to enjoy in this charming gathering, which takes place at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery every year. This year’s event took place on April 28th, but if you weren’t able to make the trip through the rain to the Wayzgoose, have no fear—here’s a quick photo recap captured by the Devil’s Artisan’s Don McLeod.

Tara Bryan

Tara Bryan, displaying work at the walking bird press table.

Elke Inkster, Stephanie Small

Elke Inkster and yours truly squeezed in behind the Porcupine’s Quill’s table.

Geri McCormick

Geri McCormick displayed some fantastic wood blocks at the Virgin Wood Type table.

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson of Greyweathers Press next to his magnum opus, Ecclesiastes.

Will Rueter and Alan Stein

Will Rueter (The Aliquando Press) and Alan Stein (The Church Street Press) hanging out in the gallery.

Wayzgoose ephemera

Of course, you have to leave the wayzgoose with a good amount of ephemera, including a Letterpress Gazette a mock indulgence from Greyweathers Press, and a letterpress packet from Weathervane Press.

Letterpress Gazette

Note that the book review in the Letterpress Gazette is of our Sticky Fingers ebook, The Fleming Files: Allan Fleming’s Life & Works. Is that not just a little funny?

PortraitHope you enjoyed this look back at the 2018 Grimsby Wayzgoose! It was wonderful to see so many friendly and familiar faces. We hope to see you again next year, during the last Saturday in April!


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