Gorgeous Gallery: The Howard Iron Works Museum

On September 29, the Howard Iron Works Museum in Oakville, Ontario opened its doors to the public for a print expo and fair. The museum is a treasure trove of printing history, specializing in printing machinery from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Each machine has been lovingly restored and looks as if it could handle a print run or two even today.

I was sad to have missed the expo this year, but luckily, Devil’s Artisan Editor Don McLeod was there with his trusty camera to capture the beauty and ingenuity on display at this one-of-a-kind museum.


R. Hoe & Co. Press


Heidelberg presses

Colt's Armory Press

A selection of Hopkinson & Cope presses

type cases

Wrenches and tools

printing machines

vintage computers

Intertype machine

more Heidelbergs


PortraitI hope you enjoyed this look at some of the gems housed at the Howard Iron Works Museum–I know I did! Many thanks as always to Don McLeod for his spectacular photography skills. If you’d like to see a slideshow of photos from the event, or learn more about the museum, mosey on over to the Howard Iron Works website.


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